John J Nazarian Thrown Out Of Courtroom!!!!

Today, our own John J Nazarian went into court to continue watching a case he had previously done an article on AND WAS THROWN OUT OF THE COURTROOM, allegedly at the bidding of the same two women who trumped up false allegations against poor WALTER

You can SMOKE CRACK & Be the Mayor of Toronto but WALTER cant SMOKE WEED and live at home.

Well, the same lawyer and her ‘pet toad’ did something they will most likely come to regret very soon. They slithered up and whispered in Judge Bruce Iwasaki’s ear and had our own John J Nazarian thrown out of the court, telling him it was a ‘closed court’; after sending him down for a “special” press pass…one that doesn’t really exist. Let’s hope this judge has his Kevlar undies back from the dry cleaner, he’s gonna need it. Just this staff writer’s opinion, until we hear from John.

What do you think will happen next?????

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
December 5, 2013
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