Client Tells Her Domestic Investigation Story by Mike Spencer

The question of hiring a Private Investigator was a tough one. There seemed to be a Yin for every Yang, nothing certain, and I just didnt think I was the kind of woman to do that kind of thing.

The only crystal clear part was that horrible, angry, steak-knife-in-the-gut feeling that my husband of 33 years was having an affair. Wed met at age 15, hed been my yardstick for every man on Earth for 42 years. And, there seemed to be about $72K unaccounted for from our second mortgage. What? How do lose track of that kind of money?

I called Spencer Investigations feeling guilty, thinking the phone call in itself was being unfaithful to the father of my three children. I left a message with clear call-back instructions. I had a return email later that day and the first line was Im sorry this is happening to you.

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Mike Spencer, Private Investigator
November 27, 2013
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