Nitwits and Lackeys—-Car 54 Where are you? UCLA Needs You!

Nitwits and Lackeys come to mind when you think for the most part of most college campus ‘cops’. Here at U.C.L.A. we have the reincarnation of “Toody & Muldoon”…..the evil and further incompetent version of two TV clown cops! The show was “Car 54 Where are You?”. Enter, Dodd/Toody and Kim/Muldoon. Let me help this along, where you two ‘thugs’ now find yourselves is in a world of deep shit! Hmmm just as you have dropped other unfortunates that have fallen into your bullshit version of police work. Just another ‘black man’ so you thought, that either one of you or both of you were going to screw with! Well fellas, sometimes you are windshield and sometime you are the bug, guess which ones you are today? Dam! ‘I had no idea he was a Superior Court Judge!!!’ Can it get worse? ‘Former President of the Police Commission!!’

Bozo the Clown could have performed Dodd’s and Kim’s duties with better professionalism…….Regents of U.C.L.A. need to pay attention to how the campus police are managed and the caliber of candidates who are selected! Thank god for a black campus police Sgt! Sarge understood immediately what was going on….’NOT just another black victim this time fellas’.

I am going to be very frank here, NO COP ever seeks out to be a college campus cop! And I don’t care what corn ball excuse these candidates come up with, really you want to ride in circles and screw with kids going to school. And unfortunately for Judge David S. Cunningham III and who knows how many times this has happened to other innocent victims of Dodd and Kim, we will never know. Some of these inflated ‘Mall’ cops get to roam the streets and write tickets and try and perform ‘police work’. And pretty much screw with people out of what has to be total boredom. Dodd and Kim sit watching all the real cops doing real police work….has to affect the mentality of ‘why cant I do that?’ It would be very very interesting to see Dodd’s and Kim’s background. For instance, HOW MANY police agencies did these two ‘cronks’ try to get hired to before winning the ‘Lottery of Stupid’ and getting to be College Security or College Cops? Similar in their mentality unfortunately and even worse they have a gun and in this case handcuffs…..what a crime against all of us for this to happen to one of the nicest people you ever want to meet! And who just happens to be a Superior Court Judge, Cunningham!

Stop! I can hear it all now, ‘we are POST certified’. No they are not!….LOL (so was the now defunct ‘California State Police’, a glorified security force given police powers, just like college police cops!…..sole purpose of this institution was to insure no one stole the aqueduct! Many of these police officers had been rejected by the California Highway Patrol …. However, when the California State Police was disbanded in 1995 many got picked up by the CHP and others went to who knows? Maybe a college campus near you ) When ever any of us are on ‘college campus’ in this state you will see these campus ‘cops’ dressed like the real thing. Just seething to try and do some ‘real’ police work. These dipshits in uniform will have all the ‘special’ equipment they can find to strap on their ‘Sam Browns’. LOL

Well, Toody aka Dodd & Muldoon aka Kim thought they had the real deal the other night when they pretty much assaulted a very respected Superior Court Judge, David S. Cunningham III. Let me understand this, was it that he was African American and driving a Mercedes? And how many times has this happened before and what kind of bullshit reports (creative police report writing 101) did Dodd and Kim write to cover their asses in the course of performing their duties? Here is an ugly expression Dodd & Kim will learn very soon, ‘Under the Color of Authority’.

Just for grins and giggles, read this!

‘Judge Cunningham was the former president of the Los Angeles Police Commission, the civilian board that oversees the LAPD, and was a strong proponent of community policing and outspoken in cases of excessive force. He was appointed to the Los Angeles County bench in 2009 by then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.’

IF after the investigation is completed and all of this unprofessional behavior is found to be true? The only SAFE thing to do for all of us, students and citizens of Los Angeles is to FIRE both Dodd and Kim, and the reason is simple. Judge Cunningham was the ‘stick that broke the camels back’ in bringing this ‘bullying and unprofessional behavior’ to the attention of the world……my opinion is that both of these cops are just bad cops and have no business in modern day police work……even at the lowest level of policing that Dodd and Kim find themselves visiting today, and they both need to be shown the door!

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