This Is Not The Tunnel Of Love

I have done a terrible disservice to many of my readers and those that believe in the ‘Gospel of John’. Not from a religious point of view John, but from someone who is seldom wrong, me!

There are a few attorneys in town that are doing something a little unusual, they are practicing law in a low key, comfortable manner and with incredible knowledge of the law. Not quite like a Michael Trope, but even more low key. With these folks you will find a very comfortable office and hold on to the bed rail, they are giving great counsel for a reasonable fee.

Who is this you ask? R. Michael Collum, Esq. Michaels new office is very cool, away from the Beverly Hills / Wilshire Boulevard and the chase. Mr. Collum is now located at 4311 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 307, Los Angeles, California 90010. Getting ready to dump the garbage? Call Mr. Collum, 1-323-648-3132.

Mr. Collum has been representing the ‘hateful’, aka ‘litigants’, in the world of DIVORCE for many years. Mr. Collum had a thriving practice with his former partner, Steven Knowles who unexpectedly died last year. The energy and feel of that practice still exists today. Upon meeting Mr. Collum you will feel his energy and his desire to help you find your way through the pit falls of DIVORCE. Something else you will hear and feel is a lawyer who wants to practice law and for some god unknown reason, the practice of DIVORCE law.

R. Michael Collum, Attorney at Law is going to give you your monies worth. You too have to understand lawyers get paid by the hour or fraction thereof and YOU need to pay the freight! Otherwise get off and find a new train. You will like Michael and I hope you tell him you saw this article.

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
November 19, 2013
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