John J Nazarian NOT immune to Hit and Run Wrecks!!!

Hit and run drivers are a plague in Los Angeles, it is terrible to the 10th degree. Many of those who do it are often illegals and will head for the border leaving death and destruction in their wake. It is unbelievable the number of children and adults who have been left to die in the streets of Los Angeles. The cops, will of course show up to take the reports as they seem to never be around when you need them as the old story goes. For the rest of us who become victims of this crap we are left to bury the dead or to try and get some money together to fix our damaged cars….insurance has deductibles!

Well!!!! As luck would have it I became a victim of Yoela Riffkin, DOB: October 1, 1951, this witch hit me at a pretty good speed yesterday afternoon, November 6, 2013, late afternoon. I was parked in front of my home, I was waiting for one of my repairmen to show up.

Hit and Run Dark Blue Lexis with NO Insurance
Hit and Run Dark Blue Lexis with NO Insurance
Riffkin was driving a dark blue Lexus, Calif. Registration 5ASA832, when she raced by me. Did some pretty good damage to my car, and left parts of her car behind, that is great evidence! This witch never slowed down and there is no question that she knew that she had hit me! As I chased her through the streets of North Hollywood, she was looking at me via the rearview mirror. I was honking and flashing my lights, she raced through strip malls, cut in and out of traffic, ran red lights and I stayed with her. Riffkin aka Old Yoela got on the 101 and exited the Gower exit and turned left on to Franklin Avenue, still weaving in and out of traffic to try and lose me. When she reached Gelsons Market she realized, I guess that I was not going to stop pursuing her.

Why you ask did I just not let it go, like hundreds of others on a daily basis? Real simple, I was not going to be a victim of this miserable excuse for a human! I need to make this clear, this was not a good idea for me to do this, it was dangerous and not smart. However, as I stated, I am a retired cop and I still have the ability to back track as when I was an active officer and react……once a cop always a cop.

When Old Yoela got out of her car I could hear that very very heavy annoying accent, and IT began to verbalize, moving those lips, in that sickening tone the following, I was afraid I am a singer the best one, I will pay you cash, don’t call the police . I told her, you hit me and took off, you knew exactly what you did. This is the same person that if she hits you in a parking lot with her car Old Yoela is not going to ever do the right thing. Old Yoela is also the kind I am sure that if she had a dog or a child and it crapped on your lawn she would look around and skulk off into the shadows leaving her shit behind for someone else to deal with.

On a hit and run if they are not under the influence it is always, I don't have insurance
On a hit and run if they are not under the influence it is always, I don’t have insurance
The proof of insurance Riffkin gave me was of course expired and I was assured by Old Yoela that it was just old that she could not find the new one…LOL Another LIE. It was all there, the look, the hair and that voice, OYE!

I called Riffkins insurance company an hour or two after being hit by her. Travelers Insurance and was informed this morning the 7th, by Rona Soranno that this miserable Bruhilda was not insured by them…..LOL Was I surprised? Please anyone that will do what YOELA RIFFKIN did, you can bet on it that no insurance would be the deal of the day.

Note: I don’t really care, I have uninsured motorist and thanks to my agent, Julie Naines it will cover everything, even my deductible…..This story will go everywhere now that I was a victim of this bleach blond beast. That is my intention to warn others that not all of these scum bags get away. It was hard and I will admit, it was dangerous, but as a retired cop, I was NOT going to allow this to happen to me, not if I could help it. The insurance companies will do what they do and DMV will do what they will do…..and I am going to do what I do. To make sure that DMV does what they do I am sending them a form to advise them that there was an accident and Old Yoela had no insurance. I of course have already sent the California DMV SR-1 Form to Sacramento to be sure that Old Yoela gets that great letter from the DMV…..that scofflaws like her deserve. Even a better idea? Bruhilda should stick to a broom and sing as she flies around the evening skies singing the verses of a flatulent cow!

The mail box of where Yoela Riffkin lives
The mail box of where Yoela Riffkin lives
Please enjoy all of the information that I can post in hopes that if you are ever a victim of Old Yoela, visit us here at DESPERATEEXES.COM …. we will also be posting the incident as it happened….our techs are getting the video footage and we will have it up ASAP on our you tube page and as a featured video here by tomorrow on DESPERATEEXES.COM.

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
November 7, 2013
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