You can SMOKE CRACK & Be the Mayor of Toronto but WALTER can’t SMOKE WEED and live at home

What can you achieve when you go to court and BLATANTLY lie to a judge assigned to family law? LOTS, Mucho Mas. This is a story that is beyond hideous and the end result could be even more terrible! Quite frankly I am further shocked that this particular judge who we at are somewhat fond of would drink the kool-aid……Judge Bruce Iwasaki got played like a puppet, Dad wants his son out of the house of Mom, what do I do? I will hire a third string mouth piece and tell stories and then try and find a judge that will throw my son out of the house. Is it possible to do this? Sure and the real reason was to bring Mom to her knees, take the youngest child and then figure a way to lie and cheat and Mom will pay me! This was the plan and it all worked great, read on!

This is just a thumb nail version of the events that got ‘Walter’ booted from his home that he shared with his mom and little brother. Mom and Dad decided that they could no longer live together and decided to get a D I V O R C E. Mom does not speak English and is not really familiar with the games that can be played at the Palace of Perjury”. Sorry for the rest of us, it is the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles…..stories told here could keep Hollywood running for years.

Here is Walter, the kid his father called a GANG MEMBER to get an advantage in DIVORCE court
Here is Walter, the kid his father called a GANG MEMBER to get an advantage in DIVORCE court
Here is Walter, the kid his father called a GANG MEMBER to get an advantage in DIVORCE court[/caption]Walter works hard, he likes to skate, has those odd ear piercings and gives 80% of his money to his mom. One of the lawyers representing his Dad and her pet toad who acts like a secretary, decides to tell the court that Walter is a GANG MEMBER….now this is a TOTAL FABRICATION. He is not a gang member and never ever has been. In my earlier days I was a gang officer and dealt with gangs for many years. In all my years I have never met a gang member who managed to live in the ghetto of East L.A. and NEVER in over 20 years never got arrested. This is very very unusual, Walter should get a book deal on how he managed to do this! Now we are not saying Walter does not know gang members, of course he does. While I was a cop I knew lots of bad people and now as a private investigator I even know more, but they are wealthy and live well. Does this make me a criminal? Well it is funny…..wait till the end of the story.

Mobster Midget
Mobster Midget
The accusation presented to Bruce Iwasaki was a LIE. It was all an attempt to get Walter thrown out of his home! (Walter at one time worked for the Toad and I am guessing did not give her what she was looking for….if you know what I mean?) So now Walter is being targeted and Walters mom did poorly trying to represent herself in the early stages of her adventures at the Stanley. Some might say Mom alienated the good Judge Iwasaki. How bad you ask? To the point of this happening.

L. A. has Marijuana Restaurants called medical dispensaries on almost every corner
L. A. has Marijuana Restaurants called medical dispensaries on almost every corner

Now Walter is homeless and his mother is having difficulty paying the rent as she has to pay her former husband over $700.00 a month in child support. This was the master plan to make Mom come to her knees and be bent over a barrel…..almost what the Toad was hoping for from Walter when he worked for her! Now this is one of the best acts to perform at the Palace in years. Dad, he got benefits by having the toad and her keeper who happens to be a lawyer in making up a horrible story to get a young boy ORDERED OUT HIS HOUSE FOR BEING A GANG MEMBER. SO now what you ask, Walter, who is 20 years old could be ordered to give 10 clean tests to see his brother! All of this because Walter smokes marijuana? Marijuana medicine take outs are on almost every block in this city……and because you smoke weed you can’t live with your mom and you MUST KEEP 100 yards from your little brother?

How does a young man get tossed out of his house by a FAMILY LAW judge? If this was a fair playing field can you imagine all the kids on the Westside, who have to move out of their high rises and mansions because Mom and Dad are divorcing? There would be thousands some with Yarmulke/Kippas roaming all over Westwood and Rodeo….. would the Rabbi approve of this?

Maybe a clever lawyer could say that these poor kids were ALL GANG MEMBERS and that they could not be near their mothers! And they were to keep 100 yards away from their brothers and sisters! Come on Judge Iwasaki, YOU, Judge Iwasaki GOT PLAYED by a lawyer and her pet toad, who in her position as an officer of the court, made false statements! False statements about a 20 year old boy who loves his mother and brother for no reason except they could!

This so called lawyer and officer of the court and her pet Toad had an encounter with me! Well the toad did. I accompanied Moms lawyer to her very humble apartment on Soto Street in the East L.A. neighborhood. Moms lawyer told me that she wanted me to observe and listen to The Toad as she makes stuff up. Well I brushed my teeth, brushed my beard and drove over to meet with Moms lawyer…..What could be so bad.

As I and Moms lawyer walk towards the door of the apartment we are met by the Toad. The Toad is dressed like an angry lesbian and starts with her loud obnoxious talk. We enter the apartment and say hello to Mom….. Toad is hopping around like a 400 pound 5 foot tall pain in the ass, totally disrespecting Mom and her very humble home.

I am investigating

This comment was repeated several times by the roly poly toad. Moms lawyer told Toad that she was not going to just roam around and take photos. At some point the Toad and Dad, give up and leave………Good no problems. Sure Toad was rude and was going to investigate but she has now rolled on down the hallway and out of the building.

A short time later I was described by Toad as a Thug, really, NEVER spoke to her or Dad, Toad nor Dad EVER spoke to me. I guess when this group labels you as a GANGSTER or a THUG that is all it takes……what Judge Iwasaki has done to Walter seems like a total miscarriage of justice. These people see THUGS & GANGSTERS and it would appear that Judge Iwasaki bought the whole game, hook, line and sinker!

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November 5, 2013
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