Going To The Moon, Judge Marc D. Gross

As many of you know DESPERATEEXES.com is the go to place for people from all over the world as well as news agencies and networks wanting to read what I have to say. My comments and thoughts on sitting bench officers (judges) are also something that tens of thousands come weekly to read. For many lawyers they wish they could get some mention on my site, careful what you wish for! These men and women, judges, who keep our constitution on track and rule on everything from what school a child will attend to who will die by lethal injection. A very tough job, it is a position that I have a great deal of respect for, going back to the days when I was a cop. Someday ask me about the Firebaugh Justice Court, Judge Dennis Scott, good times!

Earlier in the year several new judges were appointed and some landed in DIVORCE court. Not sure if that is luck or circumstance. The DIVORCE court is very lucky to have these very talented men and women. One of those is Marc D. Gross, Dept. 2D at the Stanley, appointed by Governor Brown, another great move by the gov. Judge Gross was a very successful lawyer and partner before being appointed to the bench. All of those years and an incredible education in his early years brings to the bench too much experience to cover here. Many of the comments that come to us on DESPERATEEXES.com are all very supportive in reference to Judge Gross. For any new judge the job is very tough and in time many go on to become admired and respected, this is the course that Judge Marc D. Gross is navigating. Dont get me wrong, not all but many, I can think of one that is not too well respected….. remember the rumor.

Even comments from litigants are not as nasty as often we get to read here on DESPERATEEXES.com about the bench officers. The over all level of comment on Judge Gross is that he knows the law and reads and reads. So be careful what you put in your papers, Judge Gross takes the time to read everything. 99.99% of those comments go directly to delete and that is as it should be. The only opinion that counts on DESPERATEEXES.com is mine. If you find that comment irritating, good, it was meant to be, want to see your words in lights? Build your own website!

We at DESPERATEEXES.com are proud to support Judge Gross and predict that he will be one of the shining stars in the miserable world of DIVORCE.

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October 16, 2013
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