Big Sissies And Fruit Loops

Many of us ask this question at times , is the system broke, when talking about the criminal justice system and I am convinced that at times it is. Case in point, Sean Allan Harrison, king of ‘Koo Koo for Cocoa Puffs is at it again……yes, the wizard of stupid is in jail again, after posting 10% of a $1,350,000.00 bail! Hmmmm in the neighborhood of $135,000.00 down the ol’ crapper! The bail agency is loving this guy and the very same system that keeps letting him out to terrorize moms and dads and their children.

We here at have received phone calls and emails from some of the victims of this Fruit Cake Clown gone wild!

pic3Sean Allan Harrison found that freedom for him is too complex when you are playing the nut job, over and over again. This time, Mr. Nut Job found it important enough to call in a bomb threat to Coeur dAlene Elementary School, located in Venice! Now this is the same school that I love my kids, Mr. Sean Allan Harrisons own children attend! Can you imagine? And he is out on bail a third time when he does this! Whoever let Mr. Harrison post bail the first, second and third times should be made to spend time with Harrison aka ‘Crown Prince of Fruit Cake, in his little cell. Giving bail to Sean Harrison was just outrageous, and look at what he did!

Another victim, an officer of the court, was given a 5 year restraining order against Mr. Harrison on the 9th at the Burbank court. Sure Sean Harrison threatened to kill him and his children and to ruin his life. Sean Harrison loves to target children in his rampages and I am hoping that the court, the police and whoever is assigned the task to verify that this big fruit cake is diabolical and just plain nasty. And should be sentenced to the maximum allowed by law! The max still would not be good enough for this fool, his behavior and the threat of harm towards little kids. It is my opinion that he should loose total custody of his own two boys and to never be alone with either of them unless through a bullet proof glass.

He called the parents of one little boy and stated, “I am going to put a bullet in your sons head and you are going to watch, lol”. Or this one one, “I am out of jail and putting a hit on your family”. The words of a deranged Fruit Loop? And worst of all, what about those little boys that Daddy # 1 and Daddy #2 thought it was a great idea to become parents to, what must they be feeling? The sick and deviant door of revolving Fuck Buddies or as Sean Allan Harrison calls them, his husbands!!!!! LMAO a total sham of someone trying to seek acceptance and decency. Hose A, the initial replacement for Garcia is running for the border, allegedly….he has now found two younger ones with bigger dicks! Visit Mr. Harrisons face book page, it is all there to read! These nasty SOBs need to be kept away from the children on ALL terms and conditions, No Fuck Buddies should be around the children! Reason you ask, it has to be very uncomfortable to see and be around for a little child……….

And even Mr. Harrisons Fuck Buddies are not immune from his threats, you stole $50,000.00 and I want it back and the best one yet, I have made a formal complaint to the police…..Brian be sure to bring back the Fruit Loops too!

Well today was another court day for Sean Allan Harrison, and a NEW booking number 3736589 and he is being held without bail! He was arrested again on 10.8.13 and you guessed it, 3:15 P.M. Finally someone woke up to the fact that Sean Harrison needs to stay in jail, well at least two weeks till Fruit Loops next court appearance. Hope you have some chapstick, your lips are going to need it. For the other end, I am assuming those little butter pads will do just fine! Many people including myself are hoping he stays in the gray bar motel for a long time. What is the penalty for calling in a bomb threat on an elementary school in today’s society?

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
October 11, 2013
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