Hey! Do You Have Any Extra Pig Poop?

A few years ago, hog farmers throughout the Midwest noticed foam building on top of their manure pits. Soon after, barns began exploding, killing thousands of hogs while farmers lost millions of dollars.The manure itself is pretty nasty, too.

Pigs on factory farms are given daily doses of antibiotics and growth-promoting additives like ractopamine, much of which ends up in their waste. So what you get in those cesspools, the ones now exploding in the Midwest, is kind of a stew of bacteria, antibacterial agents, and novel antibiotic-resistant bacteria strains, all mixed with the random detritus described by Tietz.

Forgive me if I offend, as I dont care, but does not some of this verbage ring true as I think of the world of DIVORCE that I sometimes work in, is the ‘litigants’ or the ‘lawyers’, take your pick and welcome to the world of divorce!

When I was just making ends meet it seemed like I had a ball, always had a nice set of wheels and the like. Ate at good places, not high dollar jip joints but good eats…and the sex! The sex was the best and it was always free, and for my partner, it was their pleasure to be with me. Now, sex is not free unless it is kinda of spontaneous and lets get this over with, and the pleasure factor of ones company is also in question. ( at some point everyone is paying someone to have sex….dont believe me, read on )

The older I have become I have come to the realization that when you are hot you are hot and when you are not……things just suck!

That last word had to be on the mind of one Mr. Henry Gradstein last week when the jury threw a bucket of pig shit on him and his client. Remember the old slogan, there is no gravity, the world just sucks that had to be the feeling in department 36 of the Los Angeles Superior Court before the Honorable Gregory Alarcon. Gradstein is a partner with Gradstein & Marzano, P.C. Gradstein is one of them youngsters who got his law degree from U.S.C. ( the money school ). Mr. Gradstein has done real well for himself, he has repd and won many high dollar cases, The Turtles, Happy Together , $100 million dollar lawsuit against Sirius XM Radio. Mr. Gradstein and his crew are litigators and it would look as their primary targets are those who might try and rip off entertainers for their works. Got a $47 million dollar verdict for one of the Monkees, Michael Nesmith!
However, here comes my friend, Michael L. Trope and towing behind his porsche is a little flat bed of sorts and even though the car is clean and shiny there is something fragrant coming from the trailer. Pig Poop?

Patric Jones is the X of Randy Douthit. Randys claim to fame is that he is the producer of the Judge Judy Show. Patric, his now X, decided it would be fun to bring a civil suit against her X, Randy D! Sooooo Patric hires Mr. Gradstein and why not, he has a great batting average of getting the cash! Randy D decides to hire none other than, Michael L. Trope. BTW did I mention that both of these dogs of legal wars are grads of you guessed it, U.S.C.! Mr. Trope attended U.S.C. as an undergraduate and got his BAR card to practice law from Loyola, very nice! Two very smart guys representing two clients with lots of money….nothing better than wealthy clients for some good lawyering to take place. Michael was Mr. Douthits lead attorney and to assist Mr. Trope with the paperwork was Tanya Acker, Tropes co counsel. This is serious stuff positioning pig poop to drop on the other side and takes more than one lawyer to make the stink matter, LMAO!

Patric Jones decided that it would be fun to make all kinds of crazy accusations against Judge Judys producer, Randy Douthit, THE X. It was just terrible, the testimony was…domestic abuse and violence, beatings, terrible related injuries over 18 years all together, it was only a 12 to 13 year marriage, thank god! ….she was suffering from Battered Womens Syndrome, so stated an Expert. Now keep in mind for every expert waving the he did it flag, the other side can get another expert to wave the he is innocent flag AND if this is all true, a bad case of STUPID on someones part! Look it up yourself, it is a great read. L.A.Superior Court Case #BC 426 839. The only thing missing here I am thinking is a dunking chair….how fun would than be, one thousand one, one thousand two and on and on until you brought the guilty one to the surface. Betcha the truth would be found in that body of water, unlike our court system.

Oh you ask, did anyone call the police? Well the two love birds have both been arrested, he in 1994, NO CHARGES and she in 1990, NO CHARGES. This is sounding like true love! Not sure if this was those thumping kind of arrests or just to make one or the other shut up and think they had won.

Los Angeles Attorney Michael Trope
Los Angeles Attorney Michael Trope
Los Angeles Attorney Michael Trope[/caption]Well over a period of 9 days, Michael L. Trope of Trope and DeCarolis had to endure what could only be described as a gauntlet of story tellers. And at times it was nothing short of brutal having to pull the covers on these tellers of stories, these people are often also referred to as witnesses. In this case they were also friends and relatives of Patric Jones. No issues of credibility here. Of course not! No axes to grind for getting a bad seat to a Judge Judy taping? Or maybe they too did no longer like the X. This is the case very often as I have written, the friends you had when together will come one time to stab you in the back. Nothing personal much of the time, just something to talk about and to wait for the next disaster to float by.

The word Friend is a very ugly word as one stumbles through life and money can just buy so much.

It would appear that all the stories, there were lots, under oath of course and the dramatic testimony of the beatings fell on terribly deaf ears. The jury heard closing arguments from Patric Jones attorney, Henry Gradstein and then from Randy Douthits attorney, Michael L. Trope on September 25 and 26. The jury began their deliberations late in the afternoon of September 26. I swear I could smell pig shit. Well on September 27, 2013, the 8 women and 4 man jury rejected the Plaintiffs case and voted 10-2 in favor of the Defendant, Randy Douthit! Here is the real rub and the rash of it all, Patric Jones attorneys requested general damages of $2,000,000.00 and punitive damages as well, and what they got was zilch, zero, nuttin, less than zero…..as to through all of this bullshit to get nuttin but a bucket of pig poop….has to be very painful!

Michael L. Trope was also the lawyer who represented Randy Douthit during his very very contentious divorce case from Patric last year in Judge Willets court….for most people, doing the divorce thing would have been enough. Obviously it was not enough and someone wanted that pound of flesh I often talk about…………ahhhhh the rich, are they not just the best?

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October 4, 2013
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