The Good, The Bad, And The Stuffed Chicken

If you have not done it before you should go to a dinner honoring someone very special and get the worst food ever! On Saturday night I attended a dinner / fund raiser for Levitt & Quinn at the Skirball Cultural Center. One thing for sure it will never be a mecca for the culinary arts! Tai Glenn, the executive director called me a few months ago and we spoke about attending the event and that is always tough for me as I never know if I am going someplace or will even be around. Not a problem for Tai, she called a few days before and got me to attend. If ever you want to hunt someone down and get them to comply? Give Tai a call!

Levitt & Quinn give the down trodden a voice in the courts when they are facing a DIVORCE, moms and dads with little or no funds….these wonderful people go forward and do what they can to help. It was revealed that for them to spend a day in court it costs $500.00, amazing! For many lawyers attending this function, aka Fat Cats they spend that in petty cash for lunch over 3 or 4 days! Loads of money was raised, it cost $350.00 for a ticket and many of the high rollers bought entire tables, some bought two! Nice to be rich and all from the fruitful fields of DIVORCE law.

For me it was great to be at the seen and be seen event, many of our favs were present, Judge Lewis, Judge Pellman, Judge Willet, Judge Gross and of course Judge Court……these events are interesting affairs as to those with the big money are very much present and giving to the good cause of Levitt & Quinn. Judge Scott M. Gordon was presented with the 2013 Ethel Levitt Award For Humanitarian Service, a better candidate could not have been found. Judge David Wesley was the presenter and again, Judge Gordons very long road to the place we find him today was impressive as we were walked through the early days as a cop and now the Presiding Judge of Family DIVORCE Court.

Back to the food, the salad, not bad, the rolls were chilled and stale, the stuffed chicken was terrible, the whipped potatoes, very nice and the desert, horrible. One other thing, all of those people who decided to be vegans waited till most of us finished our meals, then they got served? Maybe the kitchen needed our plates? The event was very nice, the food was just the worst, and the company and laughs worth the price of the ticket.

Michael Trope Attorney in Los Angeles
Michael Trope Attorney in Los Angeles
During the event you get to text money up on the screen in the hall and you can add a message. Some donated $50.00, some $100.00 and some $500.00. Michael Trope of Trope and DeCarolis donated $1,500.00 and the message, In Memory of Stephen Knowles , the largest donation of this event, when you have a friend like Michael Trope, it is forever.

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September 11, 2013
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