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John J. Nazarian says Where’s my food? – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

John J. Nazarian says Where’s my food?

Well here we are on the move again, I am staying at the Torrance Marriott South Bay, 3635 Fashion Way, Torrance, California, 90503……I had no choice in the matter, had to be this one. Well the room is ok……upon our arrival I could not help but to notice all of the airline crews, you name them they are here, all international, Germany, Italy, France, Da Arabs all of them. Well, Jonathan and I decided to take some photos….so what right?

Well, freedom to take photos does not exists in the lobby of this Marriott, I got this youngster in a suit Loss Prevention asking if I was a guest? I said of course I am, what other reason would I be standing in this dreadful excuse for a hotel? Then it hits me, is it the towels, these are the best for wiping bugs off the windshield. Mr. Hotel Security tells me that people are reporting that we are taking photos….really? A homeless person could walk in, someone could come in for a coffee at Starbucks, I saw two Torrance cops here? One was trying to hide in a bungalow in an outside area, a motor cop, trying to get a break I guess and another was using the facilities…Mr. Loss Prevention goes on and tells me that you need a permit to take photos at a Marriott Hotel…..this is in Torrance? Not Beverly Hills, not Newport Beach? I asked had I taken a photo of someone important by mistake, I was now wondering, had I by accident got a money shot, could I call TMZ! I was called later by some voice on the phone management to tell me that I could take photos IF I was in them….LMAO, that don’t pay the bills! That was OK, if we are going to take photos we are going to take photos….God Bless America and I really don’t care about rules, especially silly ones.

cart1_320photo_320We are on the Concierge Floor, big deal, you get free snacks and cold drinks at times through the day… did I already say, big deal! They also do a real simple little meal items, it comes with the rooms on this floor. See the photos of all the dishes in the hallways! It looks like a nice Flea Bag hotel….No photos…I took photos ( see pics ) BTW, this is a selling point on this level but it is not open on Saturday or Sunday…..what is that about? Sure, they sell you the floor for additional money and then don’t deliver the goods?

room320We decided to use the gym and I have to tell you it was the nastiest gym I have ever seen, NO hand disinfectant, NO towels or disinfectant spray to clean the equipment after use….there was DNA on the equipment going back weeks! Dribble and Drool It was just disgusting…and remember, if they don’t clean the little things… can you begin to imagine the rest? I did tell the day manager and he was a great listener and I also told him that I would be writing about my experience at the Torrance Marriott ….Note: I did speak with Pam Ryan, 23 years with Marriott and 6 years here at this little gem in Torrance. She told me that there was disinfectant towels in a big container on the floor of the gym, and it was there. However, it looked like a trash can and it was obvious no one knew of its existence. I met Ms. Ryan in the gym and I showed her my points of disgust. Ms. Ryan and her staff were all delightful, especially the front desk folks and my girl at their Starbucks concession….nice people and I still hate the hotel….all this place was missing was some big rigs and truckers looking for a shower.

photo2_320The food we ordered was not bad, but just very tiny portions, again I am guessing it is all about profit! $25.00 for a filet mignon small enough to eat in two bites with nicely flavored mushrooms and french fries….it looked like it could have come from a McDs….the drinks at the bar were fair nothing to go running back to, sorry all thumbs and they are still pointing DOWN!

Oh and be sure to bring your wallet, they charge $17.00 for Valet and $15.00 if you do it yourself per day…ouch! They also charge for the internet $12.95 per 24 hours….I am telling you if you have a choice there are nicer and smaller less fancy named motels a block away….stay there.

This place is a total RIP OFF and should be avoided. My room for three days is $ 904.00, that includes taxes and whatever, and all the water and cold drinks I can carry! Breakfast was really not bad. George, the concierge was just wonderful, a 23 year employee of the chain. Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, simple pastries, fresh fruit, and great oatmeal..this was a good thing! The only good thing! We only got this for the one day and even though it was paid for all three days, we got one days worth…..another RIP OFF!

In the old days this location could have been a Howard Johnson Motor Lodge ( orange roofs )….that would have been a good thing, their ice creme was the best back in the day……..My comments are not going to hurt the business here, 4 airlines use the joint for a turn around so their crews can get some rest, it seemed a few hundred came and went while I was camped out in the lobby……So with the soccer team staying here and the airlines crews coming and going, it really is like a fancy YMCA, my advice, save the money and go elsewhere.

Still waiting on my free food
Still waiting on my free food
All thumbs down on this, a fancy campsite with no fire….however, again, a very friendly staff, from the valets to the George! Pam Ryan has a handle on the staff… is just the cement and mortar…….and what happened to my free food I was to get on the concierge floor ?

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September 2, 2013
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