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One Lawyer was heard talking to another Lawyer, ” hey do you happen to have a sword ? “, ” Dam Knot! “ – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

One Lawyer was heard talking to another Lawyer, ” hey do you happen to have a sword ? “, ” Dam Knot! “

Paul Nassif Throws in the Towel This is the headline on TMZ…..all the more reason that they should NOT have an office at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse…..How does a publicity rag like TMZ get to have this? Is this not a potential for a special investigation? Adrienne Maloof just won a solid victory Whoever writes this stuff must be a moron. We know it is not Harvey, he is a lawyer….just dumb.

I was present, and it was very obvious that Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon was very very unhappy that these two very intelligent adults, both wealthy and both parents, could not figure out what to do in the best interest of their children. TMZ also liked to mention the childrens names…..why, I have to ask?

Adrieene Maloof was represented by Neal Hersh and Adam Lipsic of Hersh, Mannis & Bogen and Dr. Nassif was represented by Lisa Helfend Meyer, founding partner of Meyer, Olson, Lowy and Meyers. Her support staff included Felica Meyers, named partner and Anne N. Slusser, also a partner. You had two of the biggest guns in Southern California and two high profile parents and several experts and one very annoyed presiding judge. It was very obvious to all present that this was a huge waste of the courts time. Two adults, very wealthy adults who could not figure it out? They could not untie the knot. The icing on this whole case was after The Honorable Scott Gordon asked several questions, questions that when a sitting Superior Court Judges asks, has a tone, if you know what I mean? The next statement was, Gordians Knot . Judge Gordon asked if anyone was familiar with this little story….. BTW…..I got a headache just sitting and listening.

As a reminder of his good fortune, to thank the gods for his rule, and to celebrate the end of aimless wandering for the Phrygians, Midas erected a shrine and dedicated his wagon to Zeus. Instead of being yoked to an ox, Midas placed his wagon in the center of the acropolis yoked to a pole with a large knot. Curiously, the knot was an intricate and complex Turkish knot, having no ends exposed. Hundreds of tightly interwoven thongs of cornel bark made the knot an impressive centerpiece for the shrine. There it remained as an important symbol for the Phrygians.

Month after month the bark hardened, and stories grew up around the shrine. It was eventually moved and housed near the temple of Zeus Basileus in an ancient city called Gordium, ruled by Midas father Gordias. Gordias, being the proud father that he was, encouraged the lore about his sons now famous shrine. People speculated as to its purpose. Most regarded it as a curious puzzle. Eventually, an oracle foretold that whoever loosed the Gordian Knot would lord over the whole of Asia. The lore grew and grew.

Over the years people living near Gordium looked upon their puzzle relic with great pride. It became quite a tourist attraction and generated lots of revenue for local business. Residents considered it the duty of every wanderer to visit their shrine and attempt to solve their puzzle. They regarded it as extremely unlucky for visitors to leave their city without trying to loose the knot.

No one knows how many visitors attempted the puzzle of the Gordian Knot. One thing is certain. Only one man solved it. We know him as Alexander The Great. He did go on to conquer the world and rule all of Asia. Alexander considered his victory over the Gordian Knot the most decisive battle he ever fought.

The above story is often used as a metaphor for an intractable problem and this was Judge Gordon’s very sharp point! to cut the Gordian Knot, meaning to cut right to the heart of a matter without WASTING TIME ON EXTERNAL DETAILS.
Once again you get to see Judge Gordon make the process work clearer and for the sake of stopping the nonsense made this metaphor….it worked! Also keep in mind that Judge Gordon has been a public servant all of his career and is a professor of law, has traveled the world as a judge and please do not underestimate him. TMZ gets it wrong again, the lawyers were doing what they were supposed to do, however the reality was that someone had to cut the knot……that happened this morning. Dr. Nassif and his former wife, Ms. Maloof stopped the nonsense and completed what should have taken a few hours over coffee, instead of weeks in so much wasting the courts valuable time.

There was no towels thrown any place, this was two people listening and through their legal teams, paying attention to what the Judge sitting listening to the case was telling them… see! they are two responsible adults and they cut the knot……Alexander the Great would be so pleased.

What needs to be thrown out is TMZ from a Los Angeles County Courthouse! What next a special place to have a cocktail and put your feet up? It just seems so inappropriate for TMZ to be present. It almost gives them an air of exclusive access to the very subject matter that ends up on the TMZ rag.

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August 21, 2013
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