John J Nazarian, monitoring the monitors……..Do you feel lucky? Well, do you, monitor?

I have clearly stated several times in the past few years both in writing and to those who would listen, the world of Professional Child Visitation is infected with ignorance and questionable behavior…..not just in Los Angeles, everywhere that the service is utilized.

It is my intent to fix this issue with my being available as a professional monitor and to testify as an expert witness against those who will abuse the position of trust that is often based in ignorance, that is granted to them! Here lies the problem, people make the mistake of hiring someone and for whatever reason that someone has forgotten their training. At some point someone thinks they got screwed by less than NEUTRAL behavior on the part of a monitor.

There is responsibilities and obligations as a professional child monitor so states Kimberly D. Tyler, M.S. and you know what? I, John J. Nazarian knew that already, I just needed someone ( Ms. Tyler ) to show me the Kryptonite to lay at the feet of those who are just Old, miserable malcontents who think that they are more than they really are! And just because you are a retired cop dont make everything all better either….PROBLEM? I have met many retired and active cops who were not too smart! Hello! You feeling me? And I and Ms. Tyler do not think guns should ever be present when around children. ( If security is an issue hire a real off duty officer and or security professional who can watch from a distance, as in no one knows you are there distance! )

You see as a police officer I ran a small towns juvenile division and worked as a school resource officer….I managed and kept the peace at the districts schools.

I arrested parents for beating and abusing their kids and sometimes students who thought they wanted to be gang members…..I will do the same to the world of Professional Child Visitation Monitors. I cannot arrest them but I will make public what has been done wrong and where they violated California Rules of Court 5.20, Section 3200.5 of the Family Code as well as Assembly Bill 1674. I have almost completed the Supervised Visitation class or as we like to call it, the icing on the cake and in doing so gathered several other certifications, that with my years of active law enforcement I will be a force to be dealt with. NOT as a monitor as I have clearly stated, but as someone that will be able to make clear to my clients, how they have been violated.

Before I forget, as to the threats? You give me a green light , you put all the ducks in order and I will dispatch you directly to hell, can I be any more clearer?

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
August 21, 2013
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