Charlee’s Thoughts – Ray Donovan is Anthony Pellicano???

Back in the day, when I sat everyday in the wonderful world of Judge Dale Fischers federal courtroom I got one hell of lesson at what some very corrupt lawyers in Los Angeles will do to Win ! I also got a whole different glimpse of those wonderful people that we call miserable rich people, coming and going from the Edward R. Roybal Federal Building. They came, some had smiles some looked as if someone had shit in their oatmeal. It was The Anthony Pellicano Story in living color, here we are now several years later and Anthony P is back, well sort of, Ray Donovan, on Showtime, and it is absolutely entertaining! These are all of APs stunts on steroids…..

Lawyers and their clients paid Mr. Pellicano hundreds of thousands of dollars and the lawyers he worked with got paid thousands and thousands more. These clients wanted answers and they wanted secrecy and to keep their names out of the media! LMAO, we all saw how all that secrecy worked out! The former clients of AP kept on coming day in and day out, in and out of Federal Court, telling the court and all present what they hired AP for and what they paid him to do, sorta. In some cases Anthony would take whatever valuables some of the rich wanted to give him ! Nice earrings. The lawyers for many of these rich and famous sat in the audience and took notes, lots of notes, some lawyers roamed the halls of the Federal Building. I remember seeing Bert Fields roaming around in the big hallway by the entrance of the Roybal. I am sure he was there on a legal matter.

Back to my lessons! I watched Alec Gores, (a billionaire), come in and tell the court that he hired AP to see if his wife Lisa was boinking Tom Gores, (his brother), OMG does it get any worse than this? Lisa Gores even showed up to tell her part in the boinking of Tom! Can it get any worse? Yes it can…..last weeks episode of Ray Donovan had a scene were a women is caught in a hotel, (Beverly Hills Hotel?), and is boinking away, when out of no were a piece of surveillance equipment falls out of the photo above the bed. Note: this is not the way it really happened….remember it is a TV show and they juice it up. In another scene (Ray Donovan) is alone in the conference room of the lawyers office and tells the Boinker this is going to get worse….and she folds and agrees to make a deal. All Hollywood right, well sure it is. It would appear that someone is doing APs biding and I am sure I know who it is. IF you look at the reports on the day that Lisa Gores testified in Judge Fischers court, Lisa said that she did beg Anthony not to tell her husband…just like the TV show! WOW, what a coincidence!

Can it get worse than this? Remember the scene were Ray Donovan is trying to pay for the African American kid from his drug addict mother? Well, what very very famous director and his also famous wife paid AP to try and buy a kid that the famous couple wanted to adopt? Ray Donovan it would appear is all about the antics of Mr. Pellicano with about two tons of Hollywood crap to make it fun and exciting…..someone tell me I am wrong!

For me I am curious if Ms.Ann Biderman realizes that she is to a high degree of chronicling the adventures of Anthony Pellicano? Can we assume Ms. Biderman that things have Cooled down? Or is this just one great big coincidence?

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August 3, 2013
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