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John Connolly – Ray Donovan – Anthony Pellicano – Scientology Spy? – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

John Connolly – Ray Donovan – Anthony Pellicano – Scientology Spy?

I have to admit, after my friend Kat contacted me about some thoughts that she had on a new TV show, Ray Donovan, I watched. And I may be hooked, hooked on what would appear to be total bullshit as to kicking in doors and disconnecting speakers to stapling a photo to someones chest to make a point. The attitude and expectations of some of those playing the part of celebrities and lawyers, still not over the top…it is cute seeing Elliot Gould play what has to be Bert Fields, funny right? And the baseball bat? And the nice house in the suburbs and the condo on Doheny? No, No, it is not really Anthony Pellicano…this actor is tall and good looking. And just like Anthony stymied the feds he will stymy every one of you that have a judgement against him. You will get your judgements, you hope and pray for all that money, and you are going to get NOTHING! Nothing from Mr. Pellicano, trust me on this! He will get out of prison and be a very wealthy guy, he will have a nice home, a nice car and folding money in his pockets….YOU WANT TO MAKE A BET, JUST MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SOLID COLLATERAL! Funny yet? None of it will be his, technically, you know, legal stuff!

Like it or not people, Anthony Pellicano is owed and owed BIG.

Ray Donovan? some truth in a fictional way of course, the famous actor who enjoys the company of a transvestite. LMAO, the show depicted a white guy….my recollection is a little different. The pushy take no prisoner style of some these tough entertainment lawyers….that too is funny. You have to keep in mind that many big shot lawyers used Mr. Pellicano and then denied his existence, even to me, especially to me!

One small problem, is that I wear our my Fn shoes, I fly places and bust my ass! Anthony seldom if ever left his nice offices…..LOL! HE DID NOT NEED TO! It was almost like he was living in your home or office. And I have told more than one lawyer, this is the best I can do, I flunked electronics in school. (AP was self taught, the guy is smart.)

Ann Biderman, created the show and at one time it is thought that she was in contact with Anthony Pellicano (baseball bat??). There was some issues on the set of the Sopranos and it was thought that some of APs stuff might be helpful….who knew? Well it would appear that Ann did! (there is a $1,000.00 deposit into APs prison account every month) Nice to have friends. I have a real good friend that tells me that they have copies of the earlier e-mails about the show idea! And who it was sent to what was that ladys name? LMAO! And at one time it, Ray Donovan was Too Hot, in time everything cools down, even a show about wanna be tough guys who shoot themselves in their feet, over and over again…..IF this show was real all the stars would be walking with limps.

Every single one of those lawyers who slithered by the FBI probe during the Pellicano Storm several years ago have to be wondering, when will Anthony Pellicano be getting out and what will he do? (How much will I owe him, what will he want, and he is going to have lots of wants, and everyone of them will pay as they should. What did Mr. Pellicano charge for his time and how many years has he been locked up)? Sure the statute of limitations have long gone passed but AP I am thinking has a great memory! How many lawyers who dodged a nuclear bomb by having Anthony Pellicano keep his mouth shut? Dozens!!!! and several owe their freedom and their millions of dollars in incomes to that very fact! Did all of these guys know that Anthony Pellicano was tapping I am not sure, I am very sure that several did and one or two in particular absolutely knew…..the days when a select few could win almost every time, NO MAS!

connolly_whiplashOver the years I have spoken several times with John Connolly, it almost seems that Anthony Pellicano made Connolly famous, in an interesting way. Connolly wrote what I always felt was the best story of Pellicano years ago. From then on, pretty much everything John Connolly wrote about the Pellicano saga got gutted by Vanity Fairs lawyers. And his stories were in serious need of some of that old moxie. Recently I asked Mr. Connolly whatever happened to the Book everyone was waiting for, The Sin Eater? Well it is finished and will be published by Atria Books. Note: Mr. Connolly mentions many names of individuals who work or think that they work in the field of investigations and security. After reading an 8 page excerpt I could not help but notice my name was left out……several of Anthonys victims or targets were my clients after the fact. I did more for the disposable phone industry in a very short period of time then any of that industries advertising dollars! I also have another thought, if I had to pick to someone to walk through some tough times with, I would choose Anthony Pellicano. At least you know what you are dealing with not sure about some of those sucking up from the cesspools of his life. Over my 21 years of dealing in the world of investigations and security got to be careful about steak dinners and those offering them! It is never just a free meal, their are always those hooks.

I will also say this, Kat Pellicano in 2006 had a real serious issue with Connolly in regards to the times that he spoke with Kat. Mr. Connolly is one of the best at what he does, he is clever, he is a great writer and when he wants to be can be engaging and along with all of that he is a former cop. He can be very charming when he is on the hunt (I am also sure that Pellicano would do five more years if ever he got his hands on Mr. Connolly, that family stuff is real to AP) This series of interviews was published in a Vanity Fair magazine. Vanity Fair was and still is the steak and potatoes for Mr. Connolly. It upset Kat and she made it known, it was her opinion that she was not treated fairly by Mr. Connolly and was tricked by John and his magazine……I would side with Kat Pellicano on all of this. She has no sense of the level some will go to get a story and the twisty winding methods of a good writer…..ask me!

Kat Pellicano has been a total lady throughout all of this bullshit involving her husband,a total lady! Kat Pellicano has always been a mom first and a dedicated wife second. It is my humble opinion that this woman and their children was the only investment of time that Anthony Pellicano ever did correctly. Kat could have monopolized on the notoriety of the scandal and did not…..her total focus then as it is now was her children. She has fought a very tough battle in taking care of herself and her children and continues to this very day. Never selling her soul to make a buck off her famous former hubby and the lawyers that hired him, Kat could be very well a 7 cups of coffee conversation. A very fascinating aspect of all of this is the recollections that the former Mrs. Pellicano has, can you imagine the recollections that Anthony has bouncing around in his head? I bet Kats are just as fascinating………

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July 17, 2013
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