John J Nazarian’s guest this week is Jefferson Fietek Discussing the Supreme Court Ruling on DOMA

Celebrity P. I. John J Nazarian’s guest this week is Jefferson Fietek a teacher from Minnesota. Jefferson is active in the LGBT community and is a board member of Justin’s Gift an organization to help LGBT teens. Jefferson is a gay parent.

As gay parents John and Jefferson will be talking about the Supreme Court rulings this past week on DOMA and California’s proposition 8. How that will affect gay and lesbian parents who are married in any state that recognizes same sex marriage. What the effect will be on teens today as they come from same sex married couple families and how might this shape the discussion in the future.

John and Jefferson will also discuss the federal rights that the ruling on DOMA now provides and if those federal rights will move with a same sex couple if they move to a state that does not recognize same sex marriage? Will their federal benefits go with them? What does this mean for our veterans married and retired?

Gary Lieberman an attorney from San Francisco will be stopping in as well. The laws are so new that Mr. Lieberman can cover documents, potential availability of government sponsored benefits for long-term care (i.e. Medi-Cal and VA), Court processes to transfer wealth/income etc.; however, the law is so new, and there are so many nuisances, that he can only speak in general terms with the caveat that nothing is cast in stone at this time (many, many uncertainties), and Josh Eisenberg, Mr. Lieberman’s associate is the brains of the outfit as to the legalize, and Josh is not available this weekend, so Mr. Lieberman will not speak to the strict legal interpretation/basis for opinion, etc. A note that Mr. Leiberman’s firm is going to make this new section of legal marriage and what the LGBT community need to start preparing for as a new section of the firm, just as Elder law and Veteran benefits are.

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June 30, 2013
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