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Well, can I be the first one to say that the poop has hit the fan, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon from high up from his bench has blown the covers right off the deal between Frank McCourt and Guggenheim Baseball Management. In the arena of no secrets.

The deal is supposed to be worth more than $2.15 billion as it was reported to the masses and the rest of us common folk. Talking about rising from the dead, Bert Fields is back on his feet, LMAO! We all remember Bert? Nice to see he has survived without having Anthony Pellicano around Poor Anthony is tucked away nicely at a federal penitentiary while all his pals are doing just wonderful! Life is not fair, and the rich are treated differently, that is unless you sold the Dodgers. (I do understand that AP gets about $1,000.00 a month into his inmate account from one of his loyal followers.)

Gordon is not going to back down, not his style, he knows the law and will make the law very clear to all before him. Now, Guggenheim Baseball Management has an appeal pending and if the cash wagon can get an answer by June 17th they could be safe.

However! Judge Gordon is going to be sure of one thing, CLARITY, the poor former Mrs. McCourts divorce settlement of $131,000,000.00 just is not enough, Jamie is asking that it be thrown out. One huge problem is that Guggenheim likes secrets and Judge Gordon it would appear is not a fan of secrets. The secret you ask is what? Is how will Guggenheim and Frank McCourt share in all the profits from a joint investment venture…..LMAO.This is not going to happen, we will all know how really rich Mr. McCourt is and very soon! And so will Jamie McCourt as well as Bert Fields who is Jamies lawyer on this next go round…..can you smell the fees that Fields is going to charge, Ahhhh that wonderful odor of wealth!

Sarafa also argued that the publicly revealed purchase price more than 16 times the value of Jamie McCourt’s settlement should provide enough information in helping Gordon determine whether to throw out the divorce settlement. From the Los Angeles times….. Sarafa is the Gugenheim lawyer…..more fees!

Did Sarfa really say this? And what calibre weapon are you going to use to shoot yourself in the other foot? And here is a classic comment from Judge Gordon, that set the tone for the consequences of what we are dealing with.

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June 9, 2013
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