Marvin Mitchelson Victim of Lawyering Remora – Investigative Reporting by John J Nazarian

Marvin Mitchelson the Father of Palimony has been dead for almost 10 years….I worked on a couple of issues for Marvin a couple of years before his death. And I am here to thank god that Marvin never owed me any money! LOL I and a few hundred others attended his funeral at Hillside Memorial Park, September 2004. Hillside Memorial Park was a part of the Harry Groman empire where I worked as a young man as an apprentice embalmer, a very very long time ago. I would be fired for doing something or most likely saying something as I had little control of my verbal efforts back then as I do today! Telling someone what I thought or think has never been a weak point for me and I do not believe I ever regretted having that ability.

Marvin was a character and one of this countries greatest lawyers in his prime. Some would say that at times a complete con in his later years, Hmmm not sure about the latter. I would rather say that he was flamboyant, however when he was on, he was all the way on I had the opportunity to be with him in Van Nuys and I got to see the magic first hand. In Marvins day he was one of the best, and invented the term palimony. At one point in his career Marvin would lose his license and be sent to Federal prison for tax fraud, he did two years. While he was without a license and obviously with no office there was still value in Marvins practice, that was the phone # “it never stopped ringing”. Prior to being sent to prison he had his license suspended, this had to be a terrible fall from grace, as he loved what he did and loved the attention even more.

Marvin himself would get played as it was that he too played with the wealthy and did a great job at times. Marvin also realized that he had an entitlement, he worked hard, he played hard and he was entitled. I clearly understand his position, people like to pay for great service and results. It was recently shared with me that there was one lawyer that had hooked up with Marvin and was reaping incredible financial rewards. The deal was that Marvin could not handle the case as he had no license as it had been suspended and was so for almost 8 years. We are talking around 1992. This worked great, well almost, money makes people do strange things and IF you are a RAT BASTARD at heart to begin with, an opportunist to abuse those who do right by you, then Marvin should not have been surprised. I too have had similar experiences with certain members of the California Bar. My research tells me that many others have seen this characteristic flaw in this sneaky, ankle biting, low life snipe as he slithers in and out of his Beverly Hills office. Did I mention that he is a lawyer? Practices divorce law?

When it was time to pay Marvin his piece of the action as agreed this RAT BASTARD stated, and this is not an exact quote, but very close. I interviewed someone who was there, and it was along time ago, some encounters are memorable and here was their recollection of the conversation, It is unethical not being a lawyer for me to pay you anything and walked away with what was a sizable fee from two of Marvins clients. So much for the deal, maybe someones fingers were crossed when the handshake was given? So when Marvin put his mouth into gear the RAT BASTARD got real ghetto on him, and stated, I am going to report you to the state bar….. that was the last thing that Mr. Mitchelson wanted to hear and Marvin backed away, he had been kicked while on his knees. Rat Bastard screwed his friend Marvin on 2 cases that The King of Palimony had tossed his way…..I guess RAT BASTARD felt it was OK to not fulfill on a promise? You see, it seems that some of these snipes have always had to latch on to someone or a firm with an image, as for themselves? No personality and little or no image, the only way they can generate an income is to utilize the resources of those with real talent. Here I have it, this person to me is a Remora, it is a short, thick set, sucking fish, it uses a sucking disc on the top of its head to obtain rides, usually large sharks! You see, I have uncovered a species of lawyer that exists in the Los Angeles basin, Remoras, and look at the first letter!

Here is another little interesting tidbit from the life of Marvin Mitchelson, when he would eventually be sentenced to Lompoc Federal Prison, some would ask if Marvin was in a federal lock up how the hell was he able to speak with clients? Simple, you see the feds had a list of allowable phone numbers. Perfect, except that when Marvin called the approved phone number it was forwarded to another number and all was well in the Valley of Do Re Me! I have much more information of this piece but this is just a sampling that how misplaced trust can really bite you in the ass. For sure, it has happened to all of us at least once. This one RAT BASTARD lawyer is most likely wishing right about now that I did not have these interesting facts at hand……I promise you more to come! And lets all remember the letter R is for Remora.

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
June 5, 2013
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