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Douchebag of the Year Award – Celebrity PI John J Nazarian Annouces this Year’s Winner – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Douchebag of the Year Award – Celebrity PI John J Nazarian Annouces this Year’s Winner

Douchebag of the Year was started several years ago and we always have this award sitting on the shelf ready to award when I feel appropriate. Well I have the feeling and The Douchebag of the Year goes to Kim Kardashian! In the past we awarded it to one police chief and one city councilman, this is our first and you are famous for what?.

What brought Ms. Kardashian to my attention was her almost always it is all about me attitude and of course Nikki Sixxs comment as to, isnt your 15 minutes up???? LMAO. Indirectly I am familiar with Nikki Sixx and I guess I can appreciate his humor….. The entire comment was:

Pick your priority or pick your poison. Pretty embarrassing screenshot Kim. Arent your 15 minutes up?

swollen_feetYou can just imagine what everyday is like for this champion of nothing, our awardee Kim Kardashian. Another nightmare, is as a parent of a young girl what a hurtle to try and keep them from watching this group of talentless sisters and their shepherd of nothing mother. We would love to suggest maybe the next area of potential sales would be sheets and maybe condoms.

I am also guessing that she has not a great deal of fans in the black community.

Well at least among black females……Often people will sit and fantasize as to what could have been, I wonder if KK ever fantasized to have lived in a time that she could have been a plantation owner? Lots of plowing would have been goin on, just close your eyes and try and get a visual! LOL

The question much of America has to be wondering is what is it with her and the need to wear ridiculous clothing while pregnant???? Does not anyone in her group understand the appropriate attire of a pregnant mother? More ammo to the question of why is she famous? The best photo I have seen was the one that showed Kims fat swollen feet squeezed into a pair of strapped heels…..I for one would have more respect if she acted like an expecting mother. Instead what we see is someone that continues to be on the hunt!

Congrats to our Honoree, Kim Kardashian

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May 28, 2013
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