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Dinner at Polo Lounge – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Dinner at Polo Lounge

One of my favorite places to dine when I am in town is the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. For me the place is easy, it is close and always has a feel of peace and quiet. Unless you are there during an academy award event, then it full of pretenders and a few stars and of course the hanger onners. Michael Trope and I often eat dinner together sometimes just the two of us and other times we might have a family member or two join us, Michael and I try and get together once or twice a month. The choices of where we eat vary with what either one of us feel like eating. And the laughs during dinner is really what getting together is about for the two of us. After all we both work in a really funny business, surrounded by a cast of characters some of which are lawyers and of course there are the clients, ahhh the wonderful clients that assist in making these evenings possible.

One of our favorite places is the Polo Lounge, the dining room is always nicely lit and there is a great view of the patio, it is almost always just perfect. Michael and I like to dine early as it is less crowded and the chatter is less, and that works for me just fine. Michael decided on the wild salmon as they were out of the friendly salmon that would have been less costly. And who cares, we are eating at one of the most famous restaurants in the world and you get to pay for that experience!

Lamb Chops at the Polo Lounge Beverly Hills Hotel
Lamb Chops at the Polo Lounge Beverly Hills Hotel
I had the lamb chops, as I don’t like to eat meat, and they were cooked to perfection just a little pink and beyond delicious. Many eaters of lamb like their lamb rare, not me, I never want any blood on my plate. When I see too much blood when I am eating it brings me back to my days working as an embalmer….. those were fun times, just not memories at dinner.

Michael and I often will have the shrimp cocktail, it too is presented in such a way that is nicely chilled and always flavorful. It is a unique presentation. For $25.00 dollars a piece it should include a ticket to go and watch the shrimp being harvested. Again, if you can’t do it right, go and get a McFish at the local Mc Ds. I passed on the desert as I am trying to lose a few pounds and in saying that if you get a chance the berry cobbler never ever disappoints and it does come with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Dinner at the Polo Lounge for two friends, well worth the price
Dinner at the Polo Lounge for two friends, well worth the price
The total for the evening was $235.44 plus a $50.00 dollar tip, the tip is always important, the staff at the Polo Lounge truly aim to please. Everyone working the room are always very cool and nonchalant as they perform the duties of presenting an incredible meal and that tip makes it known that you appreciate the great service.

As we were exiting the hotel I asked Michael if he had his valet ticket, he looked at me and said, I don’t need one ……nice, I thought, as I stood waiting for my Escalade to be retrieved. Mr. Trope did not have that issue, his car was parked right in the motor court. Another great evening at the Beverly Hills Hotel, after all it is Beverly Hills!!!

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May 24, 2013
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