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Madeo’s Ristorante and Susan Wiesner

Tuesday Night at Madeos Ristorante and the place was packed! My dear friend Susan E. Wiesner invited me to have dinner with her at one of her favorite places, Madeo. Getting a reservation at this place is not easy, unless your name is Wiesner, from the valet to the hostess to the owners they all greeted Ms. Wiesner as an old friend returning to her table.

Madeos is almost always in the news as being the place that the rich and powerful hang out. It is also a be seen by the celebrity watchers and they even have a big bright light so that the paps can get the right photo.

I can see that for many of those arriving this is a regular place for them to dine. Some are greeted as Ms. Wiesner was and you can see by being one of the gang it puts you in a good place. If you are looking for cheap eats this is not the place for you to hang out. The service was impeccable and the food, excellent. Susan and I had not seen each other for a few months and it was great to catch up. The two of us had an incredible dinner and the conversation always goes towards our personal lives (for this story it will remain just that personal)

I had an incredible veal dish with a sliced artichoke salad with a light lemon and olive oil dressing that perfectly enhanced the salad. Susan had a dish that even though it was pasta based was light and fresh. It looked like a lightly tossed lasagna, the portion was perfect! Susan was kind enough to offer me a taste, as I was staring and what else could she do, it was even better than it looked. You can tell that being a regular has its benefits here at Madeos. If you are a first timer, I think they try to fit you in. My recommendation would be the tables as step down off the steps and to your right, great view of all coming and going, and it seems a little peaceful. If you want the scene go right on into the main dining room and enjoy.

Susan is the founder and owner of Susan E. Wiesner, A Law Corporation, Susan and her staff have been favorites of forever. This is a boutique law firm and is sitting right on the famous Sunset Strip, 9113 Sunset Strip, 90069. Give Joy, Susans assistance a call if you would like a meeting, 310-281-2553 and be sure to tell them you read about them here, at

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May 23, 2013
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