The Palace of Perjury” welcome to the Stanley Mosk!

I never thought that I would say this but I am slowly gaining a little respect for visitation monitors. Everyone knows my feelings about many of these nit wits in the game of monitoring, that is no secret. In the course of my business I seldom if ever meet with a new client by myself, I like having a second set of eyes and ears listening to the conversation. Many people lie, hello! if this is a shock to you WAKEUP! Almost 20 years ago myself and Mike Spencer worked a case that to this day I am convinced that our client killed someone… was well covered in the news. And I was blessed to have interviewed that client with Mike together. And ever since, I have the same attitude as police detectives most of the time there are two.

One well known and very very wealthy DIVORCE lawyer for instance calls the Stanley Mosk Courthouse the Palace of Perjury. Why is that you might be wondering? Because almost everyone in a DIVORCE situation is not telling the truth, they raise their hand and swear to tell the truth and then set off on a tirade of lies….. the best part, there are no penalties if you are caught, there really is not. Sure the judicial officer won’t be happy but he or she realizes the reality I think of what they are dealing with. There might be a sanction and that is like filed under who cares?

Often during my initial meeting with a new client we get an ear full, a one sided ear full and over the past 21 years I have realized I was working for the wrong side, Oh Well!

What I think is important and I encourage you who put your careers at risk is that there should be two (2) monitors in HIGH CONFLICT visitation. What I am getting to is this, when you are the 3rd or 4th monitor that in itself is a huge red flag. And the stories one parent or the other will use to try and get an upper hand has no level. And using the child to do it, it brings parental alienation to a new and higher level. I am going to find a visitation monitor that will see and do things my way……and then you are honest and document the behavior of one side or the other and then you get it. Telling the truth is almost foreign to both the lawyer and the client when a visitation report is written. What do you mean I am using my child as a weapon against the Non Custodial parent? LMAO …..

My advice to visitation monitors is to be very cautious when dealing with these HIGH CONFLICT visitations, you could very well be set up! Make your reports very clear and discuss all avenues of what takes place and what is said during the visits. You will be well rewarded by having complete reports and recalling in detail in written form ALL of the events that took place and what was said!

Here is a thought for some of you parents, do you remember when the Beverly Hills police officer sued the famous actress for slapping him? It was a first and had never been done before. Well here is a well founded rumor, there is a visitation monitor speaking to one of this states biggest litigation firms as to suing for damages based on a false report $$$$$$$……we will keep you updated! As my daddy always said, be careful who you mess with, it could cost you!

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
May 14, 2013
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