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Back at the Stanley Mosk in L. A. – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Back at the Stanley Mosk in L. A.

After taking a 6 week break from the land of nonsense, DIVORCE COURT, I made the trip back to the Stanley Mosk. Today it would appear that it was a slow news day, dozens of news trucks covering the Michael Jackson wrongful death suit. My prediction is real simple here folks, the Jackson Family, I think will lose. For sure Murray screwed up and in saying that MJ had been a train wreck for years looking for a bend in the track. Unfortunately Conrad Murray had his hand on the throttle when the MJ train jumped the track and crashed. And as anyone knows when you want to sue you need to find the money and I am guessing that MJs momma is looking at AEG as a potential cash cow. We will see and I am thinking it will be another loss, not as bad as losing the former cash cow, her son, MJ.

My first stop was Judge Courts courtroom. I love that last name! Judge Court was moving her calendar and all was moving along. Clear and concise and always with a smile and friendly greeting. Judge Courts dept. always seems calm and on track, this was not the feeling I always got when entering some depts. 2B or Not 2B comes to mind.

Next stop The Honorable Judge Trent Lewis, I was just in time to watch what was looking like a circus act with two gentlemen with licenses to practice law. And it looked like some may have skipped some classes in law school. At one point. Judge Lewis is asking one of the lawyers, Are you testifying?….the legal beagles response, Kinda. Judge Lewis gave Mr. Lawyer a glance and Mr. Lawyer quickly corrected his clever stance. Another lesson both lawyers learned very quickly was that court orders are not ambiguous. Really?

The two lawyers in their attempt to practice law took too much of the court’s time and Judge Lewis very politely told them, see you at 1:30, after lunch as they had shot through their time and from where I was sitting annoyed the court. Such is the life of a bench officer in DIVORCE COURT.

Judge Lewis was once again giving solid advice to a pro per who was trying to get the courts attention. Judge Lewis made it clear that she got the attention of the court and was advised to Stop digging. Sometimes folks when you are in a hole, you need to stop digging. This is an expression that many of us can relate to I am sure. It would also appear that Judge Lewis is not a real fan of FACEBOOK for children who are not monitored closely by their parents. And you know what I think most parents would agree, FACEBOOK can be and is a dangerous place for adults never mind minors.

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May 10, 2013
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