I never embalmed a terrorist Is it Time to Have a Muslin Cemetery Here?

As an apprentice embalmer I embalmed police officers killed in the line of duty, several gangsters, and several celebrities and one or two industrialists. I never embalmed a terrorist. Would I, sure, what choice would I have had, I was an employee, employed to shoot the juice . And we accommodated Muslims in so much that they wanted the body to be laying in the right direction (Mecca)? And they wanted to wash and wrap the deceased in cotton….whatever. They were always polite and yet, they always seemed that they had more coming to them than others. I do not believe we did any embalming and that was true with certain Jewish beliefs as well, dead one day in the ground the next. Being sure to keep the corpse cold so as to control the decomposing that was taking place from the moment of death. Not pretty much of the time.

You see with the Muslims master plan, that is in place to take over the planet and focusing on the United States as a big part of that plan. The Muslim tide needs services that cater to them and their god. LMAO Everyone has a god, not so unlike the Vikings and their gods! And members of the Muslim community need to understand, when they lived in their villages things were easy. Now that they are infecting their host country with the master plan, whether that should be France, or Israel or in this case the U.S. they have logistic issues. For instance the following is an excerpt that I found. The focus word here is Problem. This is a word that fits this group like a well made shoe!

There are a number of problems linked with burying a person so far away. Firstly it is considered extremely disliked (makruh tahrimi) to transfer a deceased person from one area to another for burial unless it is just a mile or two (Radd al-Muhtar) or further to the closest Muslim graveyard. This is the opinion related from Imam Muhammad al-Shaybani and highlighted by Ibn Nujaym, Ibn ‘Abidin, Tahtawi, and others. Second, transferring the body causes unnecessary delay in the burial process which has been advised against in the hadiths.

In their villages they could dig a hole in the sand and plop drop and bro would be on his way to his reward….whatever that maybe. Here in the U.S. there are rules and they are not run by religious zealots or village chieftains………sorry but true.

A Muslim graveyard, really? You see these people are here to stay, and here is a scary fact.

Jay Hardy, the owner of Jay B. Smith Funeral Homes in Maplewood, Mo., and Fenton, Mo., said that in the 1970s, he handled one or two Muslim burials a year. Today that number is up to three or four each week, he said. In my three years of embalming and 2 years in sales I had maybe 2 or 3 dealings with the Muslim issue. That was in the 70s. One reason for the jump, Hardy said, was the influx of Bosnian Muslims to the area in the 1990s. Last August, the Bosnian Islamic Center bought a large plot of land in a local cemetery, making it the first Muslim cemetery in St. Louis, said Imam Enver Kunic.

You see, the Muslim epidemic is here to stay and the believers will increase in numbers not unlike termites that ruin and damage 10s of millions of dollars of damage to our homes and other wooden structures. I used the term festering as in my thoughts from a previous article on this site. This infestation is just as dangerous, except that it is going to be much slower and methodical take over of our cities and our governments and it is predicted that one day we Americans will be minorities. Please don’t start, there is a plan and will it be over night no, I don’t think so. This will be an epidemic that will take maybe a hundred years to totally kill the America we know now. Well I guess you might think are we not all Americans? Not when you deal with the Muslim element, they are Muslims first and everything else is second. To make my comment clearer, I am an American citizen first and in my case, as a Catholic, thats nice, I guess.

Another issue in death is if the body is going to be sitting around for awhile it will rot and even keeping the remains chilled is going to slow things down. However, upon recovering to room temperature the rot will be even faster. I am betting Tsarnaev was embalmed, it happens frequently when a body is held by a coroners office. (I am not sure here but I am going to guess yes do to the time the terrorists body was held).

Thereafter, the process of embalming is problematic in Islam for a number of reasons. One is that it requires some incisions to be made on the body of the deceased (which is considered disrespectful)(LMAO I guess blowing ones self up is better than a few incisions?) and the removal of the blood from it, replacing it with a formaldehyde based fluid. The embalming fluid is traditionally made from formaldehyde (5 to 29 percent), methanol, ethanol (9 to 56 percent) and other solvents. Hence, the fluid is made up of impure substances which go with the deceased into the grave. Islamic law instructs us to purify the deceased by bathing it, perfuming it, and shrouding it in white, etc. Note: I guess wrapping your genitalia in explosives and trying to take an airliner down is purer than any embalming fluid….I guess none of these Muslims are reading the same rule book.

Once again I am curious as to the customs, the customs and abuse of young males? Do they wash these boys in some special waters and perfumes to make it all better? I am not trying to be gross here I am being very serious. All this bullshit, impure this and impure that, really?

How does one of the most violent based religions on this planet seem to make everything better with these methods and beliefs to justify the whole charade of in the name of Allah.

Here is the point of all of the above, the funeral parlor that decided to handle the services for the terrorist known as Tamerlan Tsarnaev….it was revealed that he died of gun shot wounds and blunt trauma. Must be when little Bro ran over his dying ass over as he fled the police. It was more likely having his head run over that did Tsarnaev in. This is funny!

Well no cemetery wants to allow the terrorist to be buried, here is a thought, send him back to his home land and where that is, I don’t care. Tamerlan Tsarnaev hated this country so much why would you bury him here? Let me tell you why, the location of this bag of human waste grave site will be a homage to his people. An even bigger insult and a kick in the teeth Tsarnaev and his little bro have already inflicted upon the people of the United States.
One story I read I think hit it on the head, bury him at sea, what could be more natural and pure? And the next lobster with a crappy attitude you can think of this decomposing scum bag, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, this is one American who sincerely hopes that he rots in hell.

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May 8, 2013
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