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Marc S. Nurik, Esq From Florida and New York arrives in Los Angeles!!!! – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Marc S. Nurik, Esq From Florida and New York arrives in Los Angeles!!!!

Who should make an appearance in So. California legal defense scene, Marc S. Nurik, Esq. Marc has been a figure in high profile defense cases for well over 30 years. Marc tells me he still is going to handle appropriate cases out of Florida and New York and is looking forward to working in Southern California. Mr. Nurik is licensed to practice in both of those states and soon in Southern California.

Nurik and I worked on a criminal defense case together several years ago and had quite frankly, a blast. It is always nice for a guy like me to work a criminal case with a guy like Marc. Look, I whistled while I worked in my days of working in prep rooms at mortuaries here in So.Cal, so why not with Nurik?

Just google the guy, he is a former New York prosecutor who took that talent to the world of defense. I hear the grumbling, remember everyone deserves a defense and I also agree there are times that Satan should get to make those decisions….. innocent till proven guilty . Marc Nurik is one of those defense lawyers who knows his stuff, from his years as a professor of law and a personality that can be felt upon his entering a courtroom. Some lawyers have that presence, Trope, Meyer, Brookier, Braun, Skland these people can influence the temperature in a courtroom, it is like magic!

Marc Nurik has my seal of approval, he is reasonable in his fees and he is easy to talk to. Call him at 310-500-3496, he has an office in the Westwood area of Los Angeles.

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April 17, 2013
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