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The owners of one of this states premier childrens monitoring service made a huge move, Luis and Laura of were married yesterday, April 5, 2013, at La Quinta. Surrounded by friends and family the love birds took those vows, and none too soon as Luis and Laura are expecting another special package, their daughter Angela any day now. Two little ones are so much more fun than just one! And every little boy should have a little sister, when it appears that a little brother is not coming, well at least not this time…. Something to work on when you are not providing what is believed to be The Premier monitoring services at this time based in Southern California.

Luis Mike and Laura started their childrens monitoring service almost two years ago. The intent was to do something that NO OTHER SERVICE was doing, being professional and getting those reports out within hours of the assignment. We here at are hearing that the judges like the efficiency and thoroughness of the reports that ASAFEVISIT provides. Laura and Luis like to keep it simple and focused.

The last couple of years we hear that Luis and Laura got a fast lesson as to how THEY could be the focus of the anger of those having to use a monitor. Sometimes those ordered by the court to have a monitor are not happy about the cost and or what they see as an intrusion into their lives. As we always say here at the reason many of these people are going through a difficult DIVORCE is their own fault! Yup Sireee, as to not understanding that it is THEM, not the judge, not the cops and not the monitors that all of this bad VOO DOO is at their own miserable little hands…..well at least most of the time.

We have received dozens of comments as to those who have used ASAFEVISIT and how nice it was to have two people who themselves are parents of youngsters. The other funny comment we got was how pleasant Luis and Laura were to deal with. To all of you who are fans of you know what I think about bullshit Grandmas and old farts with guns who at one visit dropped the dam thing out of its holster! LMAO

Another comment we received was that it was who they hired who actually showed up! WOW! what a concept, I am on a roll, you don’t talk to a well dressed gentleman who once worked for the courts and get one of the minimum wage nit wits that are used trying to supplement a retirement income….. and make money for the both of them, this the whole truth and nothing but the TRUTH!

Monitoring children for parents who are in conflict is terribly difficult and seldom if ever really regulated by any real professionals. The Family Law (DIVORCE) community the lawyers themselves are often ill at ease with the whole process and will sometimes be manipulated by their clients that the monitors are a problem……LMAO, just wait till you my dear get a substitution of attorney….BAM, your client did not like you either! I only report this stuff I don’t invent it. Sure after the second or third or fourth monitor, for sure the problem has to be the monitor…….I swear, funnier stuff you could not find in your local comic book store.

Once again, congratulations to Laura and Luis as they enter their third year as owners of ASAFEVISIT, visit them at and remember this, they are not the cheapest but as a good friend of mine has always stated, pay peanuts, get monkeys!

Did I mention, Luis and Laura are officially partners for life…….that is an interesting thought, considering their work.

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April 6, 2013
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