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Judge Teresa Beaudet still holding onto Kelly Rutherford Case POST Family Court Assignment – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Judge Teresa Beaudet still holding onto Kelly Rutherford Case POST Family Court Assignment

Judge Teresa Beaudet still holding onto Kelly Rutherford
Judge Teresa Beaudet still holding onto Kelly Rutherford
Judge Teresa Beaudet still holding onto Kelly Rutherford[/caption]Judge Teresa Beaudet still holding onto Kelly Rutherford[/caption]The misery and terror to some degree for a few still lives on in Department 2B, how do you ask is this possible? Judge Beaudet was seen flying away on her broom, right? Well sorta, I am guessing, when a judge leaves or is asked to go from an assignment they can and sometimes do choose particular cases that they wish to take with them. Knowing that is pretty simple when you think about that, and what bench officer would ever want a fellow bench officer to see the file of one of the saddest cases of abuse of judicial power that many (lawyers, advocates and ME!) have seen in 20 years?

Well for one poor mother Beaudet is still going to be terrorizing her life to some degree every single day from an entirely different dark place. Kelly Rutherford has learned that Judge Teresa Beaudet will be TAKING HER ( Rutherfords ) FILE AND HER CASE WITH HER TO HER NEXT ASSIGNMENT…….I even felt ill upon hearing this what Ms. Rutherford had to be feeling. How does a bench officer such as Beaudet get to do this? Or better yet, why would she want to, does Beaudet find some joy in making a mother go broke? Does Beaudet have any idea as to what it takes financially for a mother to have to fly to Monaco / France from New York / Los Angeles to spend some time with her children? Are we seeing a certain sadistic side to DIVORCE court in The City of Angels? And it is not coming from an out of control mother or father, but rather a sitting Superior Court judge? Hey, Beaudet, Kelly Rutherford HAD a good run with her TV show and now is unemployed, so how does that work for your formula?

The fact that Beaudet has decided to keep this case within her jurisdiction speaks volumes as to the what this evil doer is all about. Judge Beaudet has to be very much aware of what the media has reported as to her butchering a mothers relationship with her children and the financial disaster she has thrown Ms. Rutherford into. Certainly she has read a few of my comments, certainly she has read what others have said and she still decided to do this…..revenge? Just nothing short of being miserable human being who gets to wear a black robe and make horrible decisions…..and appears to be enjoying every minute of the torment she is slathering from where she sits . Oh, and by the way, Beaudet is not sitting in family court anymore, period, and I and others are guessing that she is going to dabble with certain victims. AND the rumor has it that it was not promotional move, again, just a rumor.

Witch feeding HanselAnd to add insult to injury, Judge Teresa Beaudet should have recused herself a very long time ago. This was do to a very close family tie to Kelly Rutherford. Some comments were that Beaudet was going to build a ginger bread house with a great big oven and invite children in to look into the oven……….no need I am sure that many of these children go to sleep many nights wondering why they don’t see or spend more time with their moms? What was that fairy tale, of the witch and the two kids and the oven?

All I will say is this, I have a funny feeling that this is not the end of my reporting on this particular judge. Judge Beaudet is going to be a news worthy target for years to come……and you heard it here first.

Note: I and have never ever been this vigil as to the behavior of any Superior Court Judge. Excluding Gloria Maynard of Puerto Rico, who set the bail of a murderer at $50,000.00 and let him go, wink! What I have heard and witnessed is still as baffling to me and dozens and maybe hundreds of others…Beaudet really screwed up and we will be reminding anyone and everyone who will listen.

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March 17, 2013
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