Did This Granny Drop the F-Bomb?

How many times have we sat in our living rooms and watched the late evening news to hear of some ‘poor person’ driving down the freeway and he’s ‘blasted’? Blasted in a hail of gunfire and or run off the road and killed in some terrible attack by unknown assailants. “ I was just minding my own business and I was attacked “. Does this happen, absolutely, and do people do something to put a violent act into motion? Absolutely.

Over the last 15 years every single time after hearing of one of these terrible attacks I have asked myself, what really happened? There has been times when some fool feeling very safe and manly have pulled up to me while on the freeway to flip me off or to speed in front of me only to apply their brakes. After I am assuming I did something while driving to have irked this modern day gladiator in his or her car to want to take me on. Surely it was done in hopes of getting a response from me, well there would be a response if this jerk and I were standing face to face. However, while driving? I always hope and pray for a CHP unit to be cruising by or parked ‘sneaky’ like to side of the freeway close to an on ramp. For the last several years I have told my family to always move and get out of the way while on the roadways, only in fear that someone will act the fool who may have nothing to lose…..me and my family have a great deal to lose.

What I think, more often than not is that the truth is that someone who thinks they are safe and sound in their car flips someone off or does something stupid and is confronted by a real crazy person who happens to have a gun. Someone who is not afraid to use this firearm on someone who may have just insulted them. Always whenever I can I will move out of someone’s way….after all this is Los Angeles and why rush, there is always going to be a traffic jam at some point and why bother…..

Encounters with people who are feeling full of themselves can happen in almost any situation, you just never know what the person you are screwing with is capable of or in this case who they may know! When I was a police officer and responding to a fight at a bar often I would find that the now bloody victim did not realize that the guy he had decided to push around happened to be very good with his hands. My victim had a big mouth and not much more and got his ass kicked….in some cases they were lucky that it was not much worse. (The farm workers that put the food on our tables were always fond of carrying knives) Nothing has changed much in my 21 years since piloting my radio car through the world of darkness and grief. There will always be ‘God’s 3 %’ and the garbage and grief that they can bring your way.

My point here is that often people who seem in a place of power can within seconds be laying by the side of a road or sitting at a gas station wondering what happened to their big fancy SUV. Recently a rather elderly female driving a what appears to be a very nice Range Rover, California License Personalized plate ‘GM’ and looking as if her ‘Depends’ underwear had become dislodged and had quite a ‘potty’ mouth, just listen!

Prior to this second outburst, ‘Old and Grumpy’ had smacked the windshield, upon seeing the senior citizen coming back that the cellular video phone was activated. You would think that someone this ladies age would have a better control of the English language. As it happens the young girl taking this verbal battering comes from a very, lets just say a very ‘successful’ family, grandfather and dad. Please enjoy this video, we certainly have enjoyed it for the value of showing how ignorance and bad behavior is certainly not just behavior that we see in our younger and sometimes lower income areas of our society.

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