His Holiness Cardinal Mahony the Cure for Pedophilia

Cardinal Mahony[/caption]The sins of Cardinal Mahony, this is a title of a story in The Washington Post by the Editorial Board. And all of these loons thinking that their demands that the Cardinal not go to the Vatican? The media was present and the photos of some of the victims being shown and you know what? NO ONE CARED! I am surprised the papal jet did not come and pick up His Holiness Cardinal Mahony and fly out of Bob Hope Airport. His Holiness the Cardinal lives less than a mile from my home…..Cardinal Mahony is a very powerful man within the Roman Catholic Church. He has the ability to pick up a phone and get anyone in the world to speak to him, I have not a single doubt in my mind. He is just as much in demand now as he was prior to his retirement.

Cardinal Mahony did resign as the archbishop two years ago and the allegation is that he did it due to his involvement in the cover up of priest molesting children. Did it happen, the molestations, not a question in anyone’s mind, priest and their like have been banging boys for centuries. The pedophilia is alive and well in the Catholic church and sexual deviations have been revealed in other religious orders. All those great neighborhood and TV phonies doing the Christian thing have been paying for hookers both male and female for a long time. And once in awhile they get caught and we get to watch them cry and wail for their sin, of getting caught.

Cardinal Mahony Cardinal Mahony in my opinion was doing what had been doing for too many years to count and at some point it will all continue. He was following orders and the best part, policy. Remember we are talking about God and forgiveness, can these sins be forgiven in a confessional? I am thinking yes, especially when there is a common interest and or a conspiracy, ah the confessional! The Cardinal was doing as he was told to do and in my opinion, with the total support of the Vatican. Just follow the money folks, the Roman Catholic Church is a business with gold reserves that no country on the planet can match. That is not even a fraction of the wealth of the church and those with the responsibility to replenish and to protect it. God help anyone whoever tries to under mind that power…..satan will seem lenient in his punishment and lack of understanding of your silly soul.

papal-mass-april-2008-090For me, I was baptized a Catholic as has been my grand children, we are Catholics. My only reason for mentioning this is to make clear that I have some knowledge of the Catholic Church and the sometime corrupt nature of the faith. You want to get a good understanding of the power of Cardinal Roger Mahony? Read the story by Ron Russell, New Times (LA) December 20, 2001, it is as clear as the nose on your face the power that Mahony has and had. It is surprising that upon his arrival in Rome / Vatican that the pope did not kiss Mahonys ring. (Maybe he did)

When I was in my early teens I was a valet at a very nice restaurant in Lynn, Massachusetts and I can recall that many priest would come and eat the best of everything and drink as much as they wanted all for free. At the end of the night a car and driver would be provided and the priest were taken back to their quarters. The owner of that very high class eatery was a very young gay and attractive male with strong connections to the church. (double wink).

My point is that the church and those that do the churches bidding are powerful, powerful as any army on the planet. Just as we have holes in the desert, do not ever underestimate the Roman Catholic Church. Roger Mahony did as he was told and he knew that he would be protected, as he was being a good soldier. Am I angry at the Cardinal, not at all. One of my greatest abilities has always been to read between the lines and to understand the reality of life.

Cardinal Mahony will also rest in eternal bliss, a state of spiritual blessedness, as he will be entombed on the grounds of Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral. This was Cardinal Mahonys personal little project, close to 200 million dollars (US) and not a dime was owed upon the opening of its massive doors……..It is very difficult to think of the Roman Catholic Church and not think of money, it all makes perfect sense.

BachaWhat we are witnessing at the Vatican is also part of a master plan, here is the tough part. There are lots of gay clergy, many are closeted in their faith, others are just outright pedophiles and in denial, try praying that sickness away. Pedophile priest have been arrested by the authorities in the last 15-20 years and there lies the rub. Many will never ever be arrested and along with those that will get away with their crimes they will also get to live and hide within their belief in Christ…..and did I mention The Vatican?

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March 1, 2013
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