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2B or not 2B – Changes Coming to the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in L. A. – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

2B or not 2B – Changes Coming to the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in L. A.

I am going to put a fire extinguisher by the phone, phone lines were smoking and it is hot with rumors, and rumor control has crashed. The dinner at the Beverly Hilton Hotel a few weeks ago was interesting, many judges stood and gave little Howdy comments and not to worry all is well….a few I think knew that their days were numbered. Of course The Honorable Scott Gordon, I am thinking knew exactly down to the minutes how much shelf life some of these honorable men and women have.

BUT, Judge Gordon was not talking and we all know what his Honor thinks of rumors. At the same time all of those lawyers running in and out of the Mosk need to keep in mind that the system here is running better than it ever did! All at the hands of Judge Gordon and Judge Lewis it would appear that the git it done is working. Funny thought, for some of these lawyers even if they had two watches one for each wrist they would not know what time it was!

Judge Marc D Gross on way to Family Court
Judge Marc D Gross on way to Family Court
Things are well and change is a good thing, right? Well it will be for 2B or not 2B, that is the opinion of too many to count and we are all hoping. Judge Elia Weinbach, Dept. 2D is gone around March 4, 2013 and will be replaced by someone familiar to, The Honorable Marc Dempsey Gross. We wish Judge Elia Weinbach continued success on his new assignment. Judge Gross will bring a fresh new perspective to the court. And for the usual whiners another new judge to whine about…..for us here at nothing but good thoughts about Judge Gross.

I have heard all the comments about Judge Wienbach and have testified in his court and felt that he was doing what he was supposed to do……that being said, I am not a lawyer. And yes Ira, I like him too!

The rumor mill is alive and well in Santa Monica, could Commissioner Cowan be going to Probate? made observations on Commissioner Cowan a couple of times, the last was I think 2009. We are thinking that if this Rumor is true, I bet Cowan will be happy. I am also sure that many others will be happy too.

Once again, please remember, how any bench officer can sit and be bombarded with the nonsense that divorce proceedings can throw at them is no small achievement. And like an old cop, listening to the same horse shit day in and day out, it can make you a little callous. It would appear that someone is paying close attention to the goings on in the courtrooms and the decisions that some bench officers are making. As bench officers go, giving advice and direction is not easy for all of us to understand that find ourselves standing (or sitting) in these courts getting guided, LMAO

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February 26, 2013
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