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Christopher Jordan Dorner Pt III Was Christopher Dorner murdered? – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Christopher Jordan Dorner Pt III Was Christopher Dorner murdered?

Was Ex-cop, Christopher Dorner murdered by cops[/caption]May 17, 1974, Symbionese Liberation Army, they too had a manifesto and they too were incinerated by approximately 400 L.A.P.D. officers called to defend the city from these would be revolutionaries. At the time it was one of the biggest shootouts with the police, under the command of Captain Mervin King. About two hours into the shootout / siege and after many rounds of gunfire and tear gas projectiles Note: I recall being down at the L.A. Coroners office back around that time and seeing one of the corpse with a gas mask melted to its face, this was one of the would be revolutionaries. Tear Gas was a burner back then too.

The Sheriff of San Bernardino County had one hell of a Press Conference planned, everyone was there except for smiling Bill Bratton. (Bill was busy giving interviews to anyone that would have him back East) There was the head of the FBI, head of feathers and scales, U.S. Marshals and of course Chief Beck, this was an all star cast. All was going well and you could see the stress on Sheriff John McMahons face, then the questions that he was not comfortable answering came and they came fast. what are those burners, and the good Sheriff does the best he can to dance around it and all of a sudden McMahon looses one of his shoes in doing the shuffle. Sheriff McMahon immediately is realizing that he has to change the dance card, and he did however clumsily. Here comes a bigger guy with only one star on his collar, Deputy Chief Vovinski (sp) and he is doing just as bad as his boss was with that dam reporter and BURNERS.

Pyrotechnic does generate a lot of heat….really, I am a believer! AKA Burners , guess what, they work well at burning down a house that a cop killer is hiding and if you can’t get the bad guy to surrender, burn the black SOB out, my words. I can tell you that it was not on purpose we did not intentionally burn down that cabin to get Mr. Dorner out So stated Sheriff McMahon. Someone please look at his body language as he makes this statement. Note: Remember what happened to Mr. Dorner for being accused of telling a little fib, you sir are on NATIONAL television and not looking good!

Come on lets just say it as it is, someone gave the orders to burn that black cop killing son of bitch out…….see, it is easy to say, try whispering it quietly under your breath, and then try telling two or three and then prepare to practice in front of a bigger group of people. CNN is also working on cleaning up a audio slice, which one? WE ARE GOING FORWARD WITH THE BURN, really, did anyone share this with Sheriff McMahon, he sure did not look comfortable at even having those words drop from his mouth……

Call me old fashion but I will be damd if I can recall in my years at the police academy about how to shoot at old ladies with blinkers flashing on their BLUE Toyota P.U. while delivering papers? Also is their a different protocol for delivering newspapers or for a food delivery. (102 bullet holes in the BLUE TOYOTA TACOMA, it was not the right color, the right model and they were not the correct race) I have also forgot over the years at what speed is safe to plow into a pickup truck of a potential suspect and how many rounds I should fire at the driver while ramming with my police car, again, can any cop get away with that type of modern day police work? Or, is that a special kind of a task force and is there a training manual for all of these tricky driving and shooting skills.

I was shocked that I was wrong at my thoughts that Christopher Dorner had long fled Big Bear and I was wondering why did he stay? However, I have to say I felt a little better when it was revealed that Christopher Dorner was close enough to the command post in Big Bear to ask if anyone wanted some hot chocolate. That too became an issue as to whether deputies had knocked on those doors so very close to them… explanation was given that all were knocked on and checked for any open doors….one occupant stated that they were home all day and no one knocked……Funny? I guess who would have thought that Dorner, The Cop Killer was close enough to have really done some serious killing from his condo, within spitting distance of those in charge of capturing him! I have to be honest, I did not have any contacts of any kind up at Big Bear, my thoughts and comments were based on common sense and my past as a deputy and as a police officer.

What I guess everyone involved in the attempt to capture the big black guy, who was also a cop killer need to remember one thing. Christopher Dorner lost his job for allegedly not telling the truth. Initially cold tear gas was being used, and we are told of a one shot and then flames, really? That dam radio communication, WE ARE GOING FORWARD WITH THE BURN ……..why…pretty much says it all! Was the killer of two law officers he himself murdered, sometimes there is justifiable homicide, just thinking out loud.

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February 14, 2013
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