Christopher Jordan Dorner – Pt I: CHICKENS COME HOME TO ROOST

A man who finally snapped and does not intend to return home
A man who finally snapped and does not intend to return home

Iam a man who has lost complete confidence in the system, These are the words of Christopher Jordan Dorner, CBS, ABC, NBC, KTLA and these ridiculous FBI Profilers….have it all wrong! Not so much the networks as they are just reporting, NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE wants to tell the truth here! Oh he is this or he is that, bullshit, Christopher too is lost, Chris believed in a system that has failed him, and yes, he is angry, real angry.

Police agencies have for years taken it upon themselves with their discipline boards aka puppets on parade and most of these boards would sit in judgement on those who sat before them. Think I am not on target here? Look at Glendale, California and the actions the police department took against hard working officers! OUTRAGEOUS! Here is some news, this Lt & Capt & Sgt crap wont protect you from an ass kicking or worse yet! Can you even begin to imagine to have sat in front of disgraced former Chief of Police Randy Adams and having this scammer with a badge decide your fate? For years police and deputies have been terminated and lost their jobs and identities, they were cops and now, unemployed, and no one really cared, Chris Dorner has changed that. The days of Esprit De Corp within most police departments is sitting in my garden with the chicken shit under my rabbit pen! I remember when it all started, cops arresting cops, that was it, all over, done, Esprit De Corp might just as well be toilet paper when it came to police agencies. The days when if you stopped a brother officer that maybe had a few drinks and parked the car and took them home….over! A free cup of coffee was a major rule violation, taking half price food and BIG discounts at other eateries in the jurisdiction of the LAPD that is OK…no free coffee however, go figure!

Are all actions against officers in bad faith? No, of course not, is there a large number that are, I think so, you betcha. Ever heard of the golden boys? You know, the men and women who can do no wrong. And every time we have a horrible criminal event we get these jokers, FBI profilers, really? Why not go down to your local gypsy palm reading parlor and get the pretty lady with the funny accent to tell you why Christopher Jordan Dorner is killing all of these people. Mr. FBI profiler, go on national television and talk shit about Chriss military service, and how he was a failure at almost everything he has done. Here I have an idea Mr. Profiler, give Mr. Dorner your address and tell him all of your nonsense to his face! Christopher J. Droner is also a victim here….he got screwed by the LAPD and those god dam Chickens are coming home to roost. I am not approving of any of Chriss killings, I will say this, his actions, could have been almost anyone of hundreds of coppers who have lost their jobs in the last 30 years!

This is simple, for many years, coppers would sit and go through the dog and pony show called hearings and get their asses handed to them. In some cases the same no more job, no more gun and no more badge, many of these former officers would go home and commit suicide with their own gun, OR these men and women would fine tune an already bad alcohol or drug addiction and just fall into some low level job of protecting the booze section of some grocery store. Worse yet, some of these men and women just sucked up the demotions and loss of their jobs and went away quietly, I think that has now changed too. Every Chief of Police and every Sheriff will be thinking somewhere in the back of their minds of Christopher J. Dorner and his actions against those and a department that wronged him. The time has come to play fair with officers who may have made a mistake.

Remember those postal workers that decided they too had enough of being screwed with and at times fired……Mr. Dorner is not the first disgruntled former employee to want revenge, difference, Mr. Dorner has a lot of guns. AND an assault rifle, I guess we better take those away from cops……they could loose it and use them to blast a police car with two officers in it, killing one and putting the other in a hospital fighting for his life! Got to get rid of all police officers from having assault rifles.

I spoke to two high ranking police management professionals both former chiefs and friends of mine who said frankly, we plan for everything, but not this. Did anyone at the LAPD ever think what they are doing to a police officer when you fire them? Did any of you ever have any feeling for what this person was going to do? You would think that after hundreds of people loosing their jobs someone would have reached out to see how these people were doing! Funnier yet, people line up to assure that convicted felons get appeals and offer help and assistance to find the truth, they do everything possible for these scum bags, but for a cop who may have made a mistake? Please, I do not accept the loss of life of these innocents who Mr. Dorner has murdered, this is just terrible, I also feel terrible for Christopher. What Chris was terminated for was nothing more than bullshit, and for someone with a fancy uniform to make a point. I am betting many people will be looking at the actual issue, what each of you employed by the City of Los Angeles did to cause this officer to loose his job. I bet Mr. Dorner will make each one of you from this day fourth sit and wonder what affect your decisions will have on those that you judge in all future termination hearings. Something I learned early in my career was that the keeper of the keys are not much better than those that they keep.

I have read every quote written in my friends Andrew Blanksteins article and I have to say what Christopher Dorner states sounds very very familiar! How many officers who have lost his or her job did not have a fantasy about doing EXACTLY what Chrstopher Jordan Dorner has done. Police administrations have to realize that you cannot bad mouth and screw with the line officer, they are trained professionals and when needed a killing machine. Not a politically correct term, but cops are taught how to when necessary to take a human beings life and all kinds of other fun stuff! What Christopher J. Dorner has done is horrible and I cannot even begin to think of those who have been killed must have felt in their final moments. I am also equally wondering what awful emotions that brought Mr. Droner to give up all hope…….my heart felt sympathy goes to all including Chris………

I will discuss my fantasy in dealing with a Sheriffs Captain who thought she was cute and was positioning her fat ass to shit on my career… feeling has always been, I was looking for a job when I found this one. I remember watching Vicki Hennessy stepping off a curb as she waddled across the street to attend Ray Towbiss memorial service. How my foot almost got stuck on the accelerator of my 1992 Cadillac 60 Special and then I realized what would happen to me if I hit a moose or Vicki Hennessy. Hennessy took pride in figuring out ways to screw with people and I was being set up to be a victim…..unfortunately for Capt. Mommy, I was given a heads up and moved on up to bigger and better things. Many cops do not have a plan B and they are what they always wanted to be, a cop. What we are seeing here with Mr. Dorner is what happens to those who get pushed and pushed and instead of bending, they snap.

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February 8, 2013
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