Judge Bruce G. Iwasaki at the Stanley Mosk

Judge_Bruce_G_IwasakiNeeding a break from the lunacy of following people and trying to find missing people I find peace at the Stanley Mosk. Today I decided to drop in on Judge Bruce G. Iwasaki, Dept. 63 Judge Iwasaki was appointed to the bench by Governor Jerry Brown in May 2012. Judge Iwasaki was a partner at Lim, Ruger, and Kim from 2006 up until his appointment to the bench.

We at DESPERATEEXES.com have heard and received notes that I should stop in and observe Judge Iwasaki, and thanks so much for that tip. It was almost like old times, this was the former courtroom of someone that I grew to enjoy and still see occasionally, The Honorable Donna Fields Goldstein. Who in my book is still one of the greats in the world of DIVORCE. I always enjoyed listening to Judge Goldstein, she was smart and knew the law and was not afraid to let you know where you stood in her courtroom. I could not help but notice that the nails were still in the walls from Judge Goldsteins wonderful collection of dog photos that hung in her court. Judge Goldstein is another bench officer that could handle any judicial assignment, again my opinion and the only opinion that really ever counts!

Judge Iwasaki is very much the same in his tone and behavior, as he too is no shrinking violet, he is soft spoken and is persistent in his quest for finding the truth. I was given a good dose of that persistence this morning. Judge Iwasaki had two people who appeared to be in their 20s and pro-per. Upon asking Mr. Wilmer Centeno Rodriguez did you key her car, Mr. Rodriguez asks, Do I have to answer that? As Judge Iwasaki stared and may I emphasize stared, at Rodriguez, Rodriguez answered Yes. His victim and enabler, Denise Cortez had been roughed up pretty good and was in the process of being given a restraining order. Sure she had done a few nasty things to Wilmer, but was about a 150 lbs lighter than Rodriguez. Judge Iwasaki was firm and direct in his thoughts and made himself very clear as to what he thought………you have to love, LOVE!

Judge Iwasaki is on the move it along program and was moving the calendar along at a rapid and steady pace. Personally I found Judge Iwasaki very interesting, a little bit different, in a good way. People you have said this before and I am going to say it again. Be very careful trying to be cute with this bench officer, as I think you will find his idea of Cute very different than yours…..you have been warned.

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January 30, 2013
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