Anthony Pellicano up date: ” For Whom the Bell Tolls “

John J Nazarian and Anthony Pellicano - The Good, the bad and ugly?
John J Nazarian and Anthony Pellicano – The Good, The Bad and ugly?
The Hollywood Reporter is casually reporting that Brad Grey has gotten away without any liability in the Anthony Pellicano expose of chaos he created in Los Angeles many years ago. The Paramount Pictures big wig, Gray was given the fresh air of easy street on December 21, 2012. Another whiner, Bo Zenga filed his lawsuit too late and thus the statute of limitations had run, aka Zenga was too late. Should his lawyers not have realized that they were missing something?

An interesting point was brought up again was how tough the feds were with Anthony Pellicano and why, enjoy the following:

Pellicano’s attorneys believe this is all a mere front to hide the government’s dissatisfaction with Pellicano’s refusal to provide evidence against alleged co-conspirators. The government’s opposition papers are quoted as saying that prosecutors wanted Pellicano’s assistance in securing convictions against the full range of criminals . . . so that they all would be punished under the law,” but that they weren’t offering Pellicano a get out of jail card.”

Co-conspirators a very strong word for several very very high profiles lawyers, DIVORCE lawyers and civil litigators, all at one point in time had there rectal muscles so tight that I am sure they could have shot a pea across the room. Ahhhhh but now, they walk the halls of the Stanley Mosk as if they are just so above it all……Ahhhh, many certainly will remember who they are and I am sure that there are judges that have to wonder, how did they get away. It was simple, Anthony Pellicano took the total fall and the U.S. government had problems in breaking the encryption that the recorders that Anthony used, imagine, all of those recordings? Personally I do not believe for one minute that Pellicano does not still have them stored away for that rainy day….. and unless Anthony Pellicano is carried dead and cold out of that Federal lock up he will one day use them, my opinion only. That stuff that Mr. Pellicano has is better than gold and he knows it. Another thought, is that after the statute of limitations passes, which it will, why should he not make a few bucks, again my thoughts.

Talking about big shot litigators, who should I see in Dept. 2 today, Bert Fields, he is now representing Jamie McCourt…she is not happy with her 131 million and wants a lot more, got to love the rich, more and more and more! Franks lawyers were sitting and telling Judge Scott M. Gordon that she got a great deal! Bert Fields is crying fraud and Jamie needs much more……funny, it was not said but was floating around that Jamies lawyers got tricked and Franks lawyers were even Trickier……I bet someone wishes that he could have listened, quietly, very quietly, in the background, ahhh, the good Ol days………GONE!

Note: I found this interesting piece from The New York Times, April 26, 2006, these are pieces of a much larger story and not in context….Mr. Wasser was never charged and like many were people of interest of the F.B.I.

During an interview last August with one witness, the lawyer Stephen A. Kolodny, two F.B.I. agents played a recording in which Mr. Wasser and Mr. Pellicano could be heard speaking about Mr. Kolodny on the phone. What was said on that call revealed “Wasser’s knowledge of an illegal wiretap conducted by Anthony Pellicano,” a third F.B.I. agent wrote after a follow-up interview in October with Mr. Kolodny, who opposed Mr. Wasser in a major case.

In Mr. Kolodny’s first meeting with investigators last August, F.B.I. agents played a recording of a call between Mr. Pellicano and an unidentified man. Mr. Kolodny identified the other man as Mr. Wasser, who he said was a longtime friend, and identified the “Terry” who was mentioned on the recording as Mr. Christensen, the agents wrote. After hearing Mr. Wasser “make disparaging remarks about Kolodny,” Mr. Kolodny said, “You really know who your friends are now,” the agents wrote.

Mr. Kolodny, in his interview with the F.B.I., assailed Mr. Pellicano’s character and said his wiretapping “was the worst-kept secret in legal circles within Los Angeles,” agents wrote. Mr. Kolodny said he had urged Mr. Wasser not to hire Mr. Pellicano, warning that he “would end up directing the case,” but that Mr. Wasser responded that “Pellicano could get anything you needed, to include ‘tapping phones,’ ‘planting bugs’ and ‘doing cameras.’ ”

Mr. Wasser was never charged and currently runs a very successful DIVORCE business in Los Angeles. As does Mr. Wassers former friend, Mr. Kolodny. And as interesting as things can get? Only Mr. Pellicano can control for those for whom the bell tolls, Ernest Hemingway

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