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GANGSTER SQUAD… by Paul Lieberman a Best Seller & Movie – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

GANGSTER SQUAD… by Paul Lieberman a Best Seller & Movie

Paul Lieberman on red carpet at premier of Gangster Squad
Paul Lieberman on red carpet at premier of Gangster Squad

For well over 15 years I have had a friend who at one time was a big shot with the Los Angeles Times, there was a time this was possible. This friend and I met during my time with Doris Duke and Bernard Lafferty, and the gaggle of misfits all of that encompassed, or lets just say an interesting group. Paul has an audio tape recording of one very gaggly misfity encounter, one that you would have had to be present for to understand. It was my first encounter with medium James Van Praagh and as Paul will remember, Liz …….lets just say, that those three letters and the sound falling from Praaghs lips said it all!

Paul Lieberman worked as a writer and editor at the Los Angeles Times for 24 years and I am very happy to be able to say that I have known Paul for over 16 of those years and we have kept in touch. It is nice to talk to a guy who writes and is recognized as a great writer, Robert F. Kennedy Awards Grand Prize, I am trying hard to be like Paul, a great writer, well at this point I will settle for Me.

Paul and I met many years ago as I have already said, and I have considered Paul a friend for many of those years. I have also enjoyed the long distance friendship and have been there during good times and bad, Paul, these are definitely the good times. Good things come to those who wait and for those with a great deal of talent, the time has come for one guy and this is, Paul Lieberman!

GANGSTER SQUAD, covert cops, the mob, and the battle for Los Angeles is Paul Liebermans best seller book, “(in England, at least, No. 8 in the newest Sunday Times rankings)”. I remember talking to Paul years ago about this project. Pauls book is now going into print in 8 different languages and only god knows from there, a sequel? For me the book was a great read, I love a good book almost as much as a good meal, preferably in a simple kitchen or a hole in the wall eatery. It is all about the food, and a book for me is all about the words, and in those words is where I can sit and wonder and think of what the writer is trying to say. Not too sound too spongey, I fall into the story and take the ride, I begin to wander. Paul has always been one of my favorite writers and I have read his series, for the L.A.Times knowing that the research that Paul does is rare in the world of publishing. Oh for sure people will check the facts, Paul Lieberman will try and disapprove himself! When you read a Paul Lieberman story you are getting the facts and all of the facts and more facts and rechecked facts, you are going to get FACTS in Pauls writings. When Paul fact checks the stars will be in alignment, that is just the way he has always been. That is for me what made the book all the more interesting.

Paul Lieberman and Ryan Gosling
Paul Lieberman and Jake

548 pages of great stuff, from the 1800s and interviews with the real players in the early days of the Los Angeles Police Department and organized crime. Reading this book it brings me to the point of how easy it was to at times cross that line. The line that I walked as a law officer in California during my younger days, I was a corrections officer (prison guard), a deputy sheriff and a police officer, I walked the walk and talked the talk. And how easy it was in my time to cross and visit the darkside, in the early days of being a law officer it was sometimes hard to tell one from the other. Sgt. Jack OMara and Sgt. Jerry Wooters these for me were the days of good police work…..don’t get me started, this is about Pauls book, not my thoughts on what we call modern law enforcement.

Gangster Squad, the movie, has a great line of talent, Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn, Nick Nolte and Emma Stone, the movie, well it is a movie, lots of guns, lots of shooting and did I say shooting? The movie is fast moving and fun, if you are into cops and gangsters movies you do not want to miss this movie……..I wanted to be sure that I and my family contributed to the new found wealth of my friend Paul Lieberman, Congrats to the Liebermans!

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