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My First Day Back 2013, at the Stanley Mosk Court House – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

My First Day Back 2013, at the Stanley Mosk Court House

L. A. Family Court Presiding Judge Scott GordonFor me the Stanley Mosk Superior Court is a place that has endless stories, talk about material for a reality show! This was my first visit to the Mosk for 2013 and it was like visiting an old convalescing friend. The State Legislatures BUDGET CUTS are present if you choose to look. Judges are doing all they can to get the work done, almost like a plumber trying to unclog the main line of your homes plumbing so the poop will flow. My observations are that all the hard work of the judges appears to be working, the departments are lean and efficient, again as much as a convalescing friend can be. This new feel of efficiency is all at the door of the PJ, The Honorable Scott M. Gordon.

I stopped by Department 2 and it would appear that the flu has taken its toll, can you imagine being in a building with little or no natural air, as in open windows. Not being a medical professional I have to think all of these people and no real flow of natural light or air has to be a happy place for the flu virus. The Panarama Cafe was nice, as you can go out on the deck and enjoy the brisk and fresh air with million dollar views. The coffee here is as expensive as Starbucks, Starbucks has the beautiful water works and The Panarama Cafe has incredible views, and it is no longer a cheap eat! I still like the place and will continue to eat here, Chris the owner is very smart and he keeps the place immaculate and he has a standard. I have to feel all of his hard work is paying off, congratulations.

Judge Trent LewisTalking about efficiency I stopped in on one of my favorite courtrooms The Honorable Thomas Trent Lewiss court. When you look at the level of knowledge of the law that exudes from Judge Lewiss court it is nothing short of impressive. Judge Lewis is fast and at the same time, giving advice and direction to keep the calendar moving. Judge Lewis goes out of his way for some of those who are sitting in pro per and gives solid and sage direction to those who are trying to do it without a lawyer. Direction as to where to go and to get help and goes the extra mile to see that any confusion on the part of those pro pers get some clarity. You have to sit and listen to understand what I am talking about, for me it is fascinating and entertaining. Judge Lewis will also have those sitting in front of him repeat what he has just ordered, again, clarity is important to understanding!

Well as my day was winding down I visited Dept. 67, The Honorable Michele Williams Court, what is not pleasant about Judge Court. The fist time I walked in I noticed this young lady and thought there was a new clerk in 67. I would soon realize this young lady was JUDGE COURT! Judge Court has to have been born with the patience of ten human beings, who do I see standing and doing her best to wear Judge Michele Williams Court down?

Noelle M. Halaby! Ms. Halaby is a certified family law specialist and was doing her very best to practice all of those skills. Once again as Ms. Halaby spoke I was looking for Rip Taylor to come barreling through the court throwing confetti….Judge Court sat and listened and was standing by her ruling…. My Calendar is Full . Ms. Halaby just kept it up and I swear I thought I saw flocks of sheep standing and forming around Halaby nibbling at her legal pad, then I blinked and the sheep disappeared! Upon leaving I was curious as to what the County Animal Control Officer was doing with a dam sheep dog?

Michele Williams CourtThe other side was not much better, she said little, as she should, for it appeared at this point she was winning. Ms. Halaby was representing the one with money and the other side was with the one with none, that too was painfully obvious….at least Halabys client was dressed nicely and not wearing a suit that looked as if it had lost a battle of eclairs.

Judge Court was moving through her morning calendar and had a full boat for the afternoon and made that very clear to both sides. Judge Court is relatively new to the bench and I have a feeling that Judge Court is getting the hang of all things DIVORCE….. some of you might be certified, Judge Michele Court is the judge and that pretty much trumps and potential clever lawyering. All of the news through is all thumbs up for Judge Michele Court!

And I, Johnfucious second all that and look forward to visiting Dept. 67 during the coming years!

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January 20, 2013
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