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Sayonara Judge Theresa Beaudet, & All my best – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Sayonara Judge Theresa Beaudet, & All my best

Did play a part in the removal of Judge Theresa Beaudet? Well the rumor out there is yes, maybe a little and how do I feel about that? We are not sitting here and cheering and high-fiving, just as I was not happy seeing judges that I thought were excellent transferred to other assignments……. Superior Court, Family law assignment is a tough and miserable job for any bench officer aka, A JUDGE.

Judge Theresa Beaudet, positively has a place in the Superior Court, may I suggest criminal courts? May I further be so bold to suggest sitting on death penalty cases? Judge Beaudet would be perfect, I could also close my eyes and see a lovely embroidered grim reaper, done in a darker black thread than the robe. Sure, were you would have to look closely and pay attention to see it clearly. Being that her Honor is tall, this could be very tasteful……and during holidays have another robe were the thread could be done in gold, gold and black, I could be onto something here!

Sending criminals to state prison would be a very appropriate punishment to separatebad people from their children…….

This current theory and attempt at dealing with young children and mothers has failed at least two that I personally am aware of! Is it my opinion that Judge Theresa Beaudet is a terrible human being, absolutely not.

My thoughts on Judge Theresa Beaudet is this, when I was going through the police academy I remember seeing recruits that I knew would not be successful working in the field, (driving a radio car and dealing with bad guys). They were great recruits, running, constitutional law, driving course and all the rest of the academy. However the reality is simple, someone needs to work in the offices of police and sheriffs departments handling other duties…..they are dressed just like all the other cops and deputies, and are wonderful at doing their special jobs and serve an important function working as a law enforcement officer. I and all of us at wish Judge Theresa Beaudet more success at her next assignment……..

Johnfucious understands that New Hampshire and Washington still have hanging, they hope and encourage you to use lethal injection, as a primary method, very nice! Nicer yet, Oklahoma offers firing squad only if lethal injection and electrocution are found unconstitutional….some judges have all the fun!

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January 17, 2013
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