Hey Beiber $395 an Hour vs. $30 an Hour Which is the Best ‘Bargain’?

All he needs is an earpiece & a cheap suit!
It is being reported another. bodyguard’ is suing his former employer, Justin Beiber!

We have often questioned why anyone would hire former Israeli anything. The biggest joke is that all of these people with the heavy accent from Israel are all former Mossad agents, where did this one come from?……Having met a couple of gentlemen from this very elite agency, (Mossad), I was told seldom if ever do they speak of their backgrounds. One of my contacts laughed and told me that it is possible that maybe some of these guys roaming around Beverly Hills may have washed his car while in Israel. But actual Mossad, not likely and quite frankly who cares?

It has been my policy to hire, former members of the United States armed forces and we also utilize police and sheriff officers in whatever state we maybe visiting to assist us with any issues that may arise. Why you ask? Pretty simple, they can legally carry guns and not put our clients at risk.

NOTE: Foreigners from other countries cannot carry weapons in our country, unless a whole lot of tough hurtles are jumped….great accent better not be carrying anything other than a pack of gum! One other little issue, I don’t speak Hebrew!

On the other hand most of these so called celebs do not realize that everyone is getting paid off at their expense…..Most of these people who think that they are in need of security cannot afford Nazarian and Associates, why? We charge $395.00 an hour and they are all informed over the phone, we are not Burger King, you are not going to get it your way….simple. Unfortunately, we never leave our agents alone there is always at least two and sometimes three, it keeps everyone honest! LOL So now as I type I am thinking looking at the price with a car we are pretty reasonable after all.

Note: most of these people with the cheap ill fitting suits and ear pieces are making under $30.00 an hour.

The gentleman is suing for $420,000.00 in overtime, really? How did that number get so big? Was the check in the mail , routine? Have no worries, Marty Singer will make the former Israeli military guy go away quietly……just guessing.

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
January 15, 2013
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