All Those Paparazzi Present did Anyone Get a Picture?

Happy New Year to all and I have to ask, Who cares about some paparazzo who decides to audition as a hood ornament. Big News?, Chris Guerras opening act was a compete failure, and for sure, from the huge dent in the hood of the van that killed the little pest! Guerra missed his mark, you need to stand on the tip of the hood, center. NOT, try to have a love fest with the entire front end!!!

Note: sometimes while I drive on Sepulveda Blvd. I will see a squashed squirrel who tried to run across the road and did not make it….no one told the little furry creature to look both ways……obviously Guerra too forgot that little safety rule!

Why was this News?, for myself and my office seldom if ever does anyone get a photo of anyone in the course of our work. If our client tells us no photos, it is NO PHOTOS! Personally, I have moved people out of all kinds of situations and there is NO PHOTOS of the event. Most of, not all, of these people trying to get photos of No Talent Celebs will break the traffic laws, will block traffic, will drive while violating everyone’s safety who maybe unfortunate enough to be in their path. Too bad, the worst part is can you imagine loosing your life trying to get a photo of Justin Beiber??? How stupid he must have felt as he faced his final seconds?

Let me just say this, when I hear or read of a member of this countries armed forces loosing his or her life while on foreign soil, that I want to read and hear about. That is also for me a News Story, young men and women giving their lives for my freedom. Some dick head with a camera and making a nuisance of himself….I don’t care, Mr. Guerra for all practical purposes ruined a perfectly good paint job and I am wondering, did any of his pals get a photo of the audition?

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
January 5, 2013
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