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This is my holiday message, ready, well get ready, this year we are not going to give any personal gifts to any of the lawyers we deal with. Instead, we have decided to pick three individuals who have needs and no way to fulfill those needs, so guess who is going to do that for them? One of my reasons for this is that many of the lawyers we deal with are to say the least, WEALTHY aka RICH. So you will not miss the wonderful gifts we give, but do think of those who are less fortunate that will use what NAZARIAN and ASSOCIATES provide through the coming year.

The three individuals with NAZARIAN & ASSOCIATES in conjunction with DESPERATEEXES.com will be given much of what is asked in their requests. These folks were selected for us through confidential sources and will remain just that. It is not about me, my family or anyone else. For this Christmas and Holiday Season it will be about them and I am sure you will all see the joy and compassion of giving to those who truly need some help and cheer. And it does feel wonderful to give and not receive maybe this all comes with ‘age’, ugh!

As I sat a few weeks ago hearing of the slaughter of 20 beautiful little children, I had tears running down my face. I did not know any of the those families or the children. For me it was one of the most devastating events that I have seen on television in my 60 plus years on this planet. As a former police officer and a grandfather of three little boys I was feeling the pain on an entirely different level. My thoughts went back to what it had to have been in those little kids final moments, I am still devastated.

Listening to and watching President Obamas comments of the murders at Sandy Hill, I as many of you more likely did hugged your children and grand kids a little longer. This is the only time I think I agreed with the president….I also feel it came from his heart.

This year we all lost some friends and relatives, time has a way of doing this you know.

Michael Trope Attorney in Los Angeles
Michael Trope Attorney in Los Angeles
Along with the sad times we have had some great ones too, I still think that the dinners that Michael Trope and I share through the years might very well be some great stuff for a reality show. Roaming the halls of the Stanley with our dear friend Lisa Helfend Meyer and getting her to have lunch at the Panarama Cafe was an experience. And again, the laughs Lisa and I have shared over the last 17 plus years, priceless. Talking about eating, lunch with Ros Soudry and her staff is another potential hysterical event.

When you are eating with friends the laughs come first and the food, well it comes! On the subject of eating lunch, if you ever get a chance spend some time with Ira Friedman and his son David…the stroll though Beverly Hills to the place you are going to eat is entertaining. I could not help but to notice that the Christmas tree at Grace Jamras place is looking wonderful too, all I am going to say is this, I told you! The rest of you too have played a huge part in our wonderful years, Joe, Neal, Judy, Susan, Elyse, Ben, Anne, Felicia, Bob, Sorrell, Joe, Brian, Ron, Sue, Kent, Gary, Patrick, Ronald, Carole & Rick, Andrew, Christopher, Troy, Adam, Marc, Laura, Marty, Jeff, Basel, Chet, Terry & Fred, Larry, Gerard, Paul, Leah, Cary, Tonya, Margo, Jacob….you see this list could get nuts! And to all of you and many more, from my family to yours………….

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
John J Nazarian and Family

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December 25, 2012
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