Do you Hear what I hear – A Christmas Carol!

>How about this for annoying, I am not feeling well so I am sitting and resting watching a great movie on my home theater system when my phone rings. ‘This is Blinky Blank‘ and I was told by my ‘New Partner’ to call you and this is what I need. What he needed was a uniformed police officer to ‘intimidate’ someone as packages were inspected. Immediately I attempted to explain we can’t have any cop in uniform for a civil issue, ‘that is not happening’ was my immediate response. (I have worked for his ‘NEW’ partner for years, love the family and thought I had a good relationship with them….. I am wondering now?)

And then I get, ‘do you have a referral for someone cheaper’, after I explained to this pain in the ass with a BAR card what our fees are. You know what, sometimes it might be better to remain a “singer“ and forget about being a lawyer! And further more, this up and coming, I need it done cheaply, whoever told you to call me….had to know my rates. Here is an idea, genius, you want a copper to play a part and be in uniform? ….go find one of those ‘motor officers’ who you see on the movie sets filmed in and around L.A. You know the ones with the real spiffy motorcycles and nice shiny black boots, they are all dressed up and have no place to go….next time you see one stop and tell them you can sing and some times pass yourself off as a family law practitioner and then, give them one of your CD’s! I understand that there are a few around the Stanley being used as ‘drink coasters’.

Note: I was so annoyed that I called the person he mentioned as being his new partner and spoke to his wife. I really thought that I had been scammed and I was told no that ‘Sound of Music’ was a real lawyer. Further it was explained to me that he is in his 50’s and has been a lawyer for 4+ years……. and how did he get my number? Did this ‘hummer’ mistake as that I and my family are ‘desperate’? That my Bentley is up on crates? WTF, ‘can I give him someone cheaper?’ Would this happen to Stephen Kolodny or Sorrell Trope? I do not think so! In the end, I should not have answered the phone myself…..I will be careful next time!

By the way, THE only ‘singer’ I ever want to hear from with a law degree is Marty Singer, and please, ‘Mr. Partner’, do me a small favor, DONT EVER CALL ME AGAIN! Merry Christmas and now get loss!

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December 16, 2012
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One Response to Do you Hear what I hear – A Christmas Carol!

  1. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    It was not the intention of the writer to make ref. that my friend was a ‘pig’. Those are singing pigs! ie: The Singer!
    We will change it to a single pig shortly….

    And it is I, that should be offended, do most lawyers ever care if people like me make a living??? I say more likely not! And I have heard comments from some that ask why are we so close with certain firms…..THEY FEED US!!!! They make sure we get work, and dam good work, ALL WE WANT TO DO IS TO LIVE LIKE YOU, the lawyer!
    I and my staff take all the risk at times and that is why we get paid well.

    This knuckle head could care less if we had a job or not, as long as he could look like the keeper of the cash! And you know what, guys like that are only concerned that it is cash that they may not get to keep for themselves, I and my family can go pound sand! I stand by the story.

    Too bad pal, Johnfucious speaks the truth and the truth can be painful.

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