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Why was Jenni Rivera on a 43 YEAR OLD Lear Jet 25? – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Why was Jenni Rivera on a 43 YEAR OLD Lear Jet 25?

It was brought to my attention that emergency responders were or had stolen items from the Lear Jet wreckage that Jenni Rivera and her staff had all died in. For those who were killed, it is reported was horrific, our investigation revealed that the 43 year old Lear jet hit the earth at close to 600+ mph, from an altitude of 28,000 feet. The Lear Jet has been described a rocket with wings. Also interesting is that they are not a craft that is easy to operate and requires a great deal of knowledge in regards to any issues that may arise.

We were also told that the cause is not clear if it was mechanical or the 78 YEAR OLD, Miguel Perez Soto, the pilot may have had a heart attack. 43 YEAR OLD Lear jet 25, Number N345MC, as if this is not bad enough, this very same Lear in 2005 while landing in Amarillo, Texas hit a runway distance marker. This incident was described as minor, by Christian E. Esquino, an executive with Starwood Management LLC of Las Vegas. There was a second co-pilot, Alejandro Torres, who was described as not as experienced? (We were told he was in his 20s not confirmed however.) Johnfucious says, this crash is never going to be 100% figured out as to what really caused this Lear jet 25 to come crashing to earth. People stealing things from the crash site and the personal property of those on board, and that is just the police!

Here is an interesting piece on Christian E. Esquino, lets just say he appears colorful…..and knowing this who would ever have done business with him? The following is from Scott Gold of the Los Angeles Times, great reporting! Here is a question I have, would you buy or become a passenger on any aircraft this gentleman offered you?

“We had a forewarning that this is what he is,” Timothy D. Coughlin, an assistant U.S. attorney in San Diego, said. “Essentially they would manufacture the records … that would indicate that maintenance was up to date. They would create them out of whole cloth.” Once Esquino brought the planes across the border for sale, “it was open season,” Coughlin season, Coughlin said. Coughlin prosecuted the case against Esquino in 2005, resulting in a guilty plea that sent Esquino to a federal prison in Lompoc, California, for two years. After his release from prison, Esquino was deported from Southern California to his native Mexico, where he lives today.

For 20 years, Esquino has been embroiled in a briar of legal allegations, many involving airplanes a bankruptcy and a restraining order, criminal indictments and civil judgments, cocaine-distribution charges, even a role in an alleged conspiracy to airlift relatives of the late Moammar Kadafi out of Libya.

On Wednesday, Esquino told The Times by telephone from Mexico City that the flight was not a charter as authorities have said. Rather, Rivera was in the final stages of buying the plane from Starwood for $250,000; the flight was offered as a free “demo.” WHY? would Miss. Rivera be looking at an old flying barge that had one accident in its background? She could have used a reputable leasing agency with nice new aircraft and younger pilots, ALL OF WHAT IS BEING REPORTED IS INSANE!

Whoever, Miss Rivera had placed her trust in figuring out what to do with her safety and travel arrangements, should be ashamed of themselves for what they did. Taking care of the security of anyone is a real job and should be taken seriously. All anyone had to do was to look at the history of this leasing company and immediately it would have looked like a red flag factory…….this is just one reason that people like myself get the big bucks, IT IS A REAL JOB!

As my very very smart father once told me, NOTHING IS FREE…..Miss Rivera was a very successful talent, whose idea was it to hitch a free ride on a 43 year old jet being piloted by a 78 year old pilot with a potential bad heart? And a very young co-pilot? If Miss. Rivera had been a comic this would have been a true, comedy of errors!
Travel on a dime has never been in my repertoire, I have flown on many private jets, NOTHING older than 3 or 4 years old. My all time favorite is one that friends of mine use on our trips to Mexico, a Citation X…….pick any descriptive word, one does not exists for this aircraft. All of these aircraft were in the millions of dollars, one cost in excess of 27 million dollars! The one that Miss Rivera was encased in was being offered at $250.000.00, I have looked at motor homes that cost more!

It was reported on TMZ that these two cops 24 and 23 were arrested and items stolen from the crash site were found in their homes……MEXICAN COPS ARE THIEVES….NOOOOOO! The Mexican Consulate was quick to respond that there are 2,000,000 cops in Mexico, and not all are corrupt. Oh you say? Well, I don’t know about you, but those numbers don’t make me feel any different….The word CORRUPTION should be stenciled on every Mexican flag that flies! One of these same cops are also implicated in leaking photos of the body parts, it was a leak with a whole lot of U.S. Dollars needed to plug that Leak.

Whenever there is a crash in these third world countries it is looked upon by these so called first responders as Pennies from Heaven . Or to be a little clearer, Rolex watches, diamonds, gold and anything else of value that they can carry away, from those that perish in these wrecks and don’t even try and convince this writer that is not the truth! The people who live in these third world nations and those pretending to be first responders are all on the take. Most of these so called first responders are incredibly poor and underpaid and they have what I call a, third world mentality .

That is one reason when I travel through Latin America, a Bulova is on my wrist and some cash and a credit card, that is it, and of course the most valuable thing of all, my United States Passport. Find me in pieces you are going to get nothing, but smelly body parts…..enjoy, you MONTON DE LADRONES MUGROSOS!

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December 15, 2012
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