Celebrity PI John J Nazarian to Appear on ABC Nightline Tonight!!!

Celebrity PI John J Nazarian is appearing on ABC Nightline talking about what he is simply the best expert to go to for INFIDELITY!!!

In some time zones Nightline airs after Jimmy Fallen, in other areas it airs right after the local ABC late night News, 11:30 EST and PST and 10:30 PM CST and MST. Look up in your area when Nightline comes on, you will love it we think!

Yes, this is a must see, you don’t want to miss what John J. Nazarian has to say, and his take on infidelity and why do men in power risk everything at times!!! Is it possible men have two heads they think with? Or perhaps only one dominant one? Nazarian will let you know tonight!

You can see all of the photos behind the scenes of filming this segment on Nazarian’s Face Book Page just click the link below the picture of Nazarian being wired up with a mic for this segment.

Follow John J Nazarian On Face Book and on Twitter; follow John and see who John J Nazarian is following. Most Important subscribe to John J Nazarian on You Tube, see John Unleashed on the latest stories of today.

While visting Face Book go through all of Nazarian’s photo gallery, you will get a feel for the total Nazarian!!

Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
November 12, 2012
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