Sam Lutfi Good Guy Screwed Britney Spears and Parents Walk – Money Talks???

Tell me I am not a born again psychic……remember the mumblings… I have this judge in my back pocket. A title in a story on the net, Judge to Sam Lutfi (or Lufti, for the record it is LUTFI often misspelled), go away…you have no case …..where is that dam mouse?

For me it seems like poor lawyering and again this is my opinion. First, Sam finds Anne Kiley, Esquire (I am guessing) who it would appear is asleep at the wheel and Miss Spears ended up dropped kick into a conservatorship. Now that took some great lawyering! Then Sam hires his legal team for this event and he gets dropped kicked right out of Judge Goetzs courtroom! Ooops, I meant to say Judge Bruguerras (over 20 years on the bench) courtroom.

Not much question as to the demeanor of Judge Bruguerra and Lutfi, Sam was done before he ever opened his mouth. It almost reminded me of Judge Perry in the Anna Nicole Smith case, you can almost feel it when a judge is holding YOU in contempt. And it was clear that this judge did not care for this case or Sam Lufti. Judges can be a little like an angry doberman pincher, those little eyes get even smaller and that stare!


Is Sam Lutfi the bad guy here? HE IS NOT, just look at the system and the MONEY, too many people making TOO much MONEY….easy to understand unless you live under a rock. Sam Lutfi is almost a victim of being at the right place at the wrong time. Please, just look at the situation, parents that were kept at arms length had a need. A need to be close, real close, like in the house close, like money close. If ever there was a scenario that screams, lets keep the money this one does. Britney Spears, her life, her career, her children and her money have all been hijacked. Something as powerful as drugs, that is with fear.

This whole case is a mess and did I forget to mention LEAH FRAND? Look at that puss, whoever hired her should be fired. What is it with these hired hands? Nannies and cooks and housekeepers are all potential risk. Why you ask, if you are rich and famous they will be looking for their 15 minutes. Read the following e-mail, I have the original on file:

Sorry Lea, I can’t help you at the moment, Britney is unwiling to change her mind. I don’t mind asking her to pay you for a full week though, which is better than 72 hours eh? I figured you’d have at least lasted longer than 3 days, but this is a very tough time for her. Hopefully paying you a weeks salary will help. Thanks for returning the gown, I’m sure it was all a misunderstanding.

sssammm u mother fucker .. lol aaahhh i am not surprised this is all happening but i am broke as a joke…. ok listen to me buddy ,i wish i can b that way but i dont got the hook ups u do ……. n e way if u hear or see of anything please let me know …. i know u know ppl does paris need an assistant lol or n e one like that ……

BIRTHDAY: 7/27/87

Low life looser ?? very desperate lock my door every night I work for a family now Sam you’re a looser, you’re a low life, you’re a no body These are words that this rent a fluff muffin used in an online interview about Sam Lufti! How long did she say she worked there? Hello, Look at the e-mail….Fluff muffin is in fact the desperate one here, asking for help and I guess when the Do Re Mio did not show up lost her mind and went for the Hate Sam Lutfi, that might pay better, eh? You know one must wonder was there any payola on this. Look at that e-mail! Nothing but love for Sam Lutfi the guy she wanted to help her to get a job. I know you know people .

The scariest part of this is these words, I work for a family now……family now, get rid of her, look at what she said in an e-mail to her former employer and then what she stated in an interview! Sam and Britney can you imagine if Lea Frand had worked for more than just a couple of days…..thank god and greyhound that she was gone.

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November 2, 2012
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