Let There Be NO Threat to the Conservatorship – Can Sam Lutfi Prove the Defamation Claims?

Why is Celebrity Britney Spears given a pass from Court and testifying on her own behalf????

This whole thing that is taking place in Judge Bruguerras courtroom is to say the least, interesting. Department 71 is the place that Sam Lutfi is attempting to prove that he has been defamed and who could disagree? And when you look at the facts it certainly would appear that Sam Lutfi got less than a fair deal, Sam was and still is one of the good guys. This case has some interesting characteristics of one of my former employers, Doris Duke and Bernard Lafferty. Sometimes being close to or in control of too much money can make you a target of those who want some or all of it. Look at what happened to one of the nicest guys to ever walk on the face of this good earth, Bernard Lafferty and Chemical Bank, again, just me thinking out loud.

Sam Lutfi could have and would have gotten Britney Spears back on her feet and in my opinion was doing all the right things to help her. Right down to the K-9 that was brought in to assure that nothing was hiding. For Fat Head Perez Hilton, to make any snarky comments is probably the lowest blow….then again, Mario Lavandeira would know how to blow low. With a name like Mario Armando Lavandeira, that too must sting the Hiltons every time they smell the guy or even see him, Fn fruitcake! Now, Sam Lutfi had a hill to climb especially when you are talking about, ADDERALL, LMAO, IT KEEPS YOU THIN BABY. This crap was never in Sam Lutfis bags of tricks, now for
others, hmmmm, maybe, baby.

Now here is an area I am concerned with, Judge Bruguerra made it very clear not once but twice that her honor is friends with Reva Goetz, Dept. 9 and the judge that is handling the conservatorship of ALL things Britney Spears. Whose idea was it to let this judge sit and judge this suit? And was that maybe the source of someone mumblings, I have this judge in my back pocket?…..Hmmmmm said the little mouse? It is a little disturbing at the rate that Judge Bruguerra is objecting before that gauntlet of lawyers protecting conservatorship has a chance to object…..and why is it so difficult for Sam Lutfi to get a word in edge wise???? Anyone else find this odd or a little strange?

And since when is it OK for someone to sit in any courtroom in America and spit their chew juice into an Aquafina water bottle, it might look like Pepsi….trust me the disgusting mixture of body fluids and chewing tobacco is disgusting…..LOL and Jamie Spears needs to stop doing this in Department 71…..what if it gets spilled!?!?!?!?.

How about this for a little history? James P. Spears was the personal chef of Adrienne Maloof, was Bernie his replacement? You cannot invent these stories! Now, Mr. Spears, he be living in Dah Big House…..the reversal of fortunes, only in America, well at least in Los Angeles.

This is also a classic case of what is it, 10 or 12 lawyers representing the conservatorship? Britney Spears is paying for all of these lawyers and Lynne Spears and Jamie Spears lawyers too. There is NO WAY IN HELL this is ever going to stop, too many folks be getting rich, lawyers and moms and dads. Check out this thought, if it had been left to Sam Lutfi, none of these people would be getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars….DO YA THINK? This has been one hell of a financial landslide for many and the 5 year anniversary is coming up on February 1, 2013….I remember it like it was yesterday. (I was to be brought in to handle many of the issues that would eventually cause this whole thing to slide into never never land…but I think I got side busted by one of the lawyers at Trope and Trope. Not a question that with my knowledge and staffing we could have got this under control. Lutfi knew what he needed to do and do to what I think was bad lawyering got SLAMMED. I know the lawyer and I am good with it, Trope and Trope also had a short life span on this case and some feel that it was Anne Kiley that may have not realized THE light at the end of the tunnel was a Locomotive. That is the rumor in the jungle).

Again everyone in this with the exception of Sam Lutfi have big money to loose if this cash cow is ever let loose. Britney Spears lawyer, Sam Ingham has had some nice pay increases. Sure, at one point making about $45,000.00 a month and since 2009 in the area of $60 to $65,000.00. Is that really possible…..that is again in the rumor mill, I have not been able to verify it but you see, no one wants to stop helping this poor girl.

No one, not Judge Goetz, not any of the lawyers, not the parents NO ONE wants to hear from Britney Spears, my question is simple, WHY? Could the Bruguerra not ask for Britney Spears to come into her safe and private chambers and ask her some of those tough questions? Bruguerra has the solutions to get the answers, IF she wants to. There is just too many people making some incredible money and it ain’t going to end in what I believe anytime soon. IF as it has been stated that Britney Spears is afraid of her old friend Sam Lutfi, let her come into a court of law and state that fact. OR is it a fear, When I get out of this I am going to sue everyone involved.

You have to admit, I cover a great deal of issues and some great thoughts for those who know not the real truth.

I say stop the BULLSHIT, get rid of all of these people and let them buy Kleenex to wipe the tears away.

Something else I am wondering, Britney Spears is everywhere, X-Factor, (15 million a year), 2 World Tours, 2 new albums and loads of television interviews and yet she is NOT ALLOWED to testify on her own behalf………..once again, BULLSHIT!

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October 29, 2012
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