Dr. Khristine Eroshevich the Chickens will not be Coming Home to Roost or will they?

Just when you think that it might be OK to take the foil off the windows, BAM! The Second District Court of Appeals reversed several of Judge Robert Perry’s decisions and now the stink is going to be coming back. Not that nice fresh new stink, no, but that old stink, like a corpse that has been sitting for two weeks in a sealed apartment, in the middle of August, that horrible stink!

Will we see the ‘Gentleman’ from Georgia again? I doubt it, he is long gone as is his protege, my opinion. “Eroshevich might get another trial?” You have to be kidding? Dr. Bubbles goes back to the courtroom for round II? I think that she would rather ‘bob’ for apples at a sewage treatment plant. Can you believe that it has been already almost two years? Everyone was feeling like they had gotten back to normal. Nothing is ever going to be normal for many of the players in this black comedy.

Does anyone really know the truth? I would say yes, I do think that several people know the truth. Most ‘aint talkin’, For some it was the winning of what must seem like a lottery, as odd as it sounds. For some knowing the truth is fascinating as it does not seem to matter. This is one of those cases that the truth and ‘having a master plan’, was nothing more than “bar talk“.

The two were convicted on October 29, 2010 and here we are October 18, 2012.

Another observation is that this ‘whole bunch’ have never done very well in court. You have to wonder why they just keep going back? Well, some things like this are not in anyone’s control. Everyone knew the DA was not happy and this is the result of the L.A. District Attorney being smarter than the judge…..ouch!

Kapoor, not a worry in the world, NOT GUILTY! Yea for his legal team, now the other two……BOO! Not so good……….maybe Dr. Khris and I can get back on that book deal again, OMG, that would have /could have been a best seller. Dr. Khris was so fascinating to speak with as to the truth and I still believe she knows almost as much and maybe more than Anna’s ever present shadow. I got one hell of an education in what was shared with me with that thought of a book….’why would someone use a dirty needle’, “cheap“?

Anna Nicole Smith died on February 8, 2007 and I am sure that if there is a way for a corpse to spin in one’s grave, Anna Nicole is spinning! All the planning, all the posturing, all the ‘wonderful’ relationships, all for one reason that in the end, went no where.

If you want to read the 32 page opinion, pick it up at our friend’s site Rose Speaks.com

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3 Responses to Dr. Khristine Eroshevich the Chickens will not be Coming Home to Roost or will they?

  1. veritas says:

    I’m a big fan of the idea of someone writing a book (by someone trust worthy!!) of this sad tragic saga so the real truth can finally come out; but wouldn’t it be rather unethical for Dr. E to write that story?? (Since she was Anna’s doctor)

    Btw, please tell me your opinion on what you think is gonna happen next. I’m assuming you know that the DA has gone back to the Appeals court asking them to dismiss the double jeopardy rule so they can retry Howard. (Apparently the appeals court is waiting on an unrelated decision from the Supreme Court to see how they are going to precede with the DA request on double jeopardy. I Think that Supreme Court decision comes in Feb. This is case is NEVER going to end)

    Why do you think the DA has such an apparent bloodlust for Howard? (I have my opinions on why.)

  2. veritas says:

    How do I read the response?

  3. veritas says:

    Duh. Nevermind

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