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Damian Chapa Blood In Blood Out with German Roxanna Foell – What About the Baby??? – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Damian Chapa Blood In Blood Out with German Roxanna Foell – What About the Baby???

Listen up, I swear this stuff just falls into my lap, I don’t look for it and BAM! It comes. Flash backwards, it is 1993 and there is a new crime drama called, Blood In Blood Out and Damian Chapa has the starring role in the show. Well he somehow gets his bell rung by some GERMAN female, named Roxanna Foell (Now, if any of my boys came home with a Roxanna we would move) It was reported that Damian Chapa met this Weibliche Hase in Germany around 2006 at the Berlin Film Festival. (She be thinking she scored a big American movie star)

Well, this little bowl of Kraut (Foell), thinking that she had found the ultimate wienerschnitzel (Chapa) and they had a very consensual sexual relationship all through Europe for several months. (I am also very sure on his nickel) Remember, Johnfucious say, you gonna pay one way or da other, nothing is free , you feeling me here? Then the GERMAN female moves to Damians California apartment later that year, 2006. (She gotta to be thinking, Apartment? no Mansion?)

OMG, just hold on, GERMAN gold digger, finds out shortly after arriving to America, Damian Chapa, AINT so RICH!!!!! Prior to this, the relationship was described as being very passionate. Fraulein gold digger is now in a real pickle, she has another big pickle in GERMANY, her HUSBAND!

Damian Chapa, comes to find out that Kraut Puss is pregnant with their child. Damian offers to marry Roxanna Foell aka Kraut Puss…..that would have been a picture to have! This is when Fraulein, gold digger tells Damian, I already have a wallet in Germany. Of course she is counting her Euros and trying to figure how she is going to F*&K this American Patsy…..Foell already realizes that Damian Chapa is not rich and gets back to her GERMAN husband, Das Fatherland.

Here is where this all gets real familiar, Damian and Foell – gold digger have a little baby boy in 2007 and she is making life a living hell for him to see their baby, just like in America. Damian files a paternity suit to see his son, and what does the GERMAN female do? She tells the German cops that Damian had raped her, no she didnt? Soooo when Damian arrives in Europe he is arrested and is said to have spent 7 weeks in jail.

My dear readers, you see, even in Germany the little Frauleins will tell a big story, put wings on it and see if it flies… did for this GERMAN female. We here at know that Foell is a liar…..and Damian is asking for 1.3 million in damages…….lets see how the German courts treat Mr. Chapa, hmmmmm, and I am not going to go there!

Mr. Chapa, at all costs, IF this ever ends up in a California court, more specifically, Los Angeles, more specifically, the Stanley Mosk….You want to stay away from Department 2B and any female judge with the initials of TB.

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October 10, 2012
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