The Verdict and the Winners Are! The Finale on Teen Text Murder of Mike Gombert Yepremyan

October 5, 2012 and here we are sitting on the 6th floor of the Van Nuys Court House, Judge Dohi is presiding. In the batters cage we have Zareh Manjikian aka The Shooter, Vahagn Jurian aka The Short One / Driver, Hovic Dzhuryan aka Da Brother, and the girl that changed all of these peoples lives, Khatun Vardanyan aka Queen of Lube. It is the day that has cost their parents I am sure a few hundred thousand dollars in fees for wonderful vacations and fun money for all of their defense lawyers pockets!

The security to get into court this afternoon is as tight as I have ever seen, why? There are a few dozen Armenians present and the court and the sheriffs department are having to deal with the Armenian Factor. These people could break into a food fight throwing pork chops at each other or god for bid, dancing and singing. Worse yet is hearing loud Armos threatening each other and we all know they will kill each other for little or no provocation, ask any defense attorney! LMAO Everyone going into the courtroom are required to surrender their California I.D. cards and once in no one will be allowed back in if they leave the courtroom. Today is life changing day, just like three years ago when Khatun put into motion the murder of Mike Gombert Yepremyan, it was a life changing day for Ani and Artak Yepremyan….

Something I noticed was how youthful Judge Dohi is, he looks very young and he speaks clearly and sharply.

The defense lawyers were all ready to take their final shots of silliness, all we really needed was Rip Taylor to come running through throwing confetti! I am not going to promote any of these lawyers on this site and their names are not going to get any print time here. They are despicable, especially the one that purposely tormented Artak and Ani during the trial…..good luck in your appeal, Jerk! I loved watching you open your pie hole as you attempted to stretch your jaw!

Suggestion: Try standing by a door and wait for someone to open it into your face! This one was the most annoying, nothing you said made anything better, other than to bore the shit out of all us having to listen.

The lawyer that took off to Mexico, odd he must have stayed in a cave, he was as pale as they come. On the other hand, it could be the realization that he is not going to get paid very much anymore from this sucker….his client went down for 50 years! A public defender could have got the same result, certainly they could not have done any worse. I hope the clients ask for a refund.

Brooklier who I know and enjoy speaking with is a decent lawyer who has a style that is smooth and looked like a $20.00 bill surrounded by a bag of nickels. (Nickels guess which ones you are).

Edward Nison, Deputy District Attorney, was still battling for the victim, as the defense lawyers were throwing so much crap around and hoping it would stick. Especially that miserable slob that Mad Dogged the Yepremyans. Edward Nison was throwing smack downs and Judge Dohi was listening and understanding. The judge is, I am sure, very aware of all of these shenanigans, ALL of the hired guns that were hired got their lunches handed to them. One or two of these clowns pretending to be lawyers even took cheap shots at Deputy D.A. Nison, not a problem, Nison too listened, took the attack and threw it back at the clown that thought the cheap shot would rattle him.

Rattle Nison? Nison is one of those deputy district attorneys that no one is going to rattle, especially this group of payasos aka defense lawyers.

Why rob banks, just go to law school, pass the bar and set up a law practice and call yourself a defense lawyer. Perfect, then go find yourself an Armenian employee and throw hooks out baited with shish kabob and wait for the illiterates to bite…then tell them you will get their loved ones off the hook and take in all of that cash……life is good!

For me it was like music to my ears, 50 years to life for Zareh Manjikian, 25 years to life for Vahagn Jurian and the two who put it all into play? 270 days in the county jail for Khatun Kat Vardanyan and her brother Hovic Dzhuryan. The two facilitators also will have five years of probation…..hey listen, Johnfucious has a thought. When Kat and Hovic are released on probation, (breathing free air), they better watch there Ps and Qs and behave themselves, they have some major time hanging over their heads if they screw up. (Probations recommendation was that they go to state prison.)

Here is the best part, at some point the mothers and fathers of the 50 year fool and the 25 year fool will begin to have a bitter taste, total poop mouth and they will begin to think! The Armenian Factor will kick in, for sure, they will begin to eat those close to them, My kid is in prison and these two lugs are out free, LMAO this is wonderful, I am happy that Khatun and Hovic got probation, I am serious. Listen to my reason, as Johnfucious say, everyday Khatun and Hovic will be reminded that their bullshit sent two of their buddies away to prison for LIFE, see you later! And the parents of Manjikian and Jurian will at some point be throwing bags of goat shit at the two of them and the wars will start.

None of of the defendants have ever apologized to the Mike Yepremyans mom and dad and the defense lawyers are good with this position. Sure, these guys are going to appeal…better cash your check first payasso. The lawyers for Khatun and Hovic, they not going to appeal shit, they dodged a bullet, they know it and everyone in that courtroom knows it. Brooklier and the other one did ask for bail and the judge was very nice and granted it, $500,000.00 each! LMAO That would buy a lotta lube and yogurt, no one is going to post that bail. Hell by now everyone in custody has made friends and becoming cuddly I am sure during those special moments. Besides, they need to save up some more money, I understand one of the defense lawyers is looking at a new Jaguar! Note to Defense Lawyer: Armos don’t stay stupid, they get angry and vengeful when they think they someone shook them down….smile!

Personally and on behalf of the family I want to thank the Los Angeles District Attorneys office, Nancy Lidamore, Head Deputy D.A. for her time and compassion she gave us, Edward Nison for helping to make sense out of a system that makes little or no sense, Lt. Hamilton of the North Hollywood Homicide, his leadership and focus, we thank you, Det. Kirkpatrick for all of his patience and for being a good listener. Rose, Ken and Julie for getting all the stories up and making sure the numbers continued to climb. And a very special thanks to Detective Thomas Townsend, who never let go, kept the investigation on course and who relentlessly fought the Armenian Factor.

And again, a very special thanks for those who convinced those that murdered Mike Yepremyan to fight, post bail and to fight, Thank all of you! For Hovic and Khatun they are in the exact same place that they would have been had they accepted a deal from the district attorneys office. The only difference, the money you donated to you lawyers wonderful lifestyle ! LMAO, we all remember the trip to Mexico, brilliant, I cant make this stuff up! Note to self: Contact the manufactures of
LUBE and ask for two or three tubs of free samples for all of the free publicity we gave them on

Rose please look into that would you….see if they have flavors?

Many ask, John what did you do? I worked diligently with the Yepremyan family trying to understand and try and figure out why, why did someone take their son Mike from them. Was it really a text message? Could someone or a group be so ignorant to kill their son for calling someone a bitch on a text? My primary goal was to make sure that this case did not become like one or two others in the Armenian ghettos, that being forgotten or Cold, we had to beat the Armenian Factor. I will take credit for taking a one paragraph story and making this a news worthy story that went National! Thanks to Mr. Robert Faturechi of the Los Angeles Times for putting the story on the front page! Today’s sentencing of the murderers was covered by numerous news and television networks. Lots of photos were taken and now everyone will know who did it and what they looked like, I did all of that and damn proud of it. I want to also thank Artak Yepremyan for giving me a lesson in the Russian and Armenian culture, especially when tracking liars, crooks, thieves and

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
October 7, 2012
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