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Judge Teresa Beaudet a Better Travel Agent then Judge????

Here at we get hundreds of request for help and or complaining about this judge or that one. As to the complaining of judges I have to be honest here, I am not particularly interested in joining any attacks on judges….just not going to happen on this site as long as I am the owner…..and I own all of this. And then there are times that my Old Cop background kicks in, once a cop you will always have certain ways of thinking and watching and listening. Perhaps judges too develop this same trait, you hear the same crap every day….just a different delivery.

Here is an exception, I received an e-mail from a mother, we will call her Shellye. Shellye sent me a story and I have her permission to print her letter and much more, if I choose to. What caught this writers eye was a couple of things, a child (American born in Germany) Shellye is an American citizen who married a German national and the worst part is that Shellye has found herself in Dept. B2 at the Stanley Mosk Court House located in downtown Los Angeles. Once again Judge Beaudet is at the helm of keeping a mother from her daughter, it is another version of what happened to Kelly Rutherford. Difference, this is just a working mom and has not the financial wealth of a celebrity and is pro per. The financial reality hit this mom right between the eyes. Not to worry, I watched one of the best lawyers in this state representing Kelly Rutherford and it made no difference, remember, German Nationals and Judge Beaudet, very strange, Outer Limits strange.

Difference here? Shellye has little or no money and has had a few health issues. Shellye has not seen her daughter since September 2011!!! I was going to attach Shellyes letter to this story and have chosen not to. It is disturbing to me and I will see my kids tonight, Shellye will not. As I sat in Dept. B2 during the Rutherford fiasco and watched and listened to a sitting judge, buy, hook, line and sinker some of the most ridiculous testimony that I have EVER sat and listened to in any legal proceeding in my 30 years of dealing with the courts. And here again was something very similar, not the same, but frighteningly similar. At some point one must wonder what is it with this judge and foreign nationals? Listening and watching Judge Beaudet one could come to the conclusion that she has a secret desire to be a Travel Agent. The way she is sending children to Europe is fascinating to listen to and even more fascinating to watch mothers try and figure out how this has happened. I have seen more attention given when one parent wants to take a child from Malibu to Pasadena.

I decided to drop in on October 2, 2012 to sit and listen to Judge Beaudet as she again was issuing justice, aka Tour Instructions. Something I noticed was the bowl of hard candy on the petitioners table, nice touch, seems that marshmallows might be a better choice. The father of the child was present as was Shellye, Dad was reading checks off that were paid to his former wife, he appeared well prepared (as many of you may or may not know, the Germans are famous for wonderful record keeping) Dad here is a German national and as usual whining and crying poor mouth. Judge Beaudet, it appears is taking his word as I am not seeing any documentation being passed to the court? The German Guy says it and that is all that is needed. And again, she is very generous with her time and patience with this guy. (Again it is almost like the Rutherford case, 10 minutes a day, five days a week and mom gives me money)

Shellye too is complaining as to being broke too and is pro per as is the German guy. Dad does not need a lawyer as it does appear that he has the best help he can get, THE JUDGE! Shellyes little girl has been away from her mother for a year. Now remember we have the German Guy complaining that he has no money and has borrowed heavily from his dad. Even though his daughter has vacationed on the island of Majorca for a week , during the summer the little girl spent two weeks in Portugal and the best question that remains unanswered is, where is she now?

Here is an interesting bit of information, in Germany every baby born is paid
Kindergeld $225.00….Judge Beaudet calls it public assistance how she knows this is curious. Another interesting observation was that Judge Beaudet is rather pleasant when speaking with the German Guy and even appears to be at peace when she speaks to him and counsels the German guy on what he should be asking. (Read the transcript it is all there). And when Shellye asks a question even though it is apparent that Shellye is under incredible stress, Judge Beaudet looks down upon her with total contempt. Oh I am not wrong here folks, she almost sneers at Shellye, I again sat and watched it. Loves the German Guy….again! And pretty much dismisses whatever the American Gal has to say or show…..again!

This is the first time I have ever noticed such high handed and such contempt of a sitting judge towards American citizens sitting before her in twenty years. In the case of Kelly Rutherford, Beaudet was pissed that someone and not Kelly Rutherford had her
Euro Trash kicked out of The United States. My investigation revealed who that person was and it was NOT Ms. Rutherford, off to France the kids went, Beaudet is at bat! Shellye, her daughter was sent off to Germany and this mom has not seen her daughter in over a year. Can this be? I have several e-mails from our reader Shellye.

I will be allowed to see my daughter April 27-May 12, 2013

John, I had another stress attack in the courtroom. I went out and the Bailiff called paramedics. I cannot bear this burden. Beaudet said, “You’re 50. You have plenty more years to work”.

Tomorrow should be a short court day. (10.4.12) Then I’m going to apply for assistance, because I can’t take it anymore. I am on my knees and can’t get any help. This is how the great state of Cali treats women and children. Maybe I should just disappear. I don’t know, but it seems like the last three and a half years was for nothing. I am destitute, I’ll be homeless and my child is gone. I have nothing left.

I am not able with good conscious to post much of what else this mother told me and also sent to me via e-mail. All I will say is that if you are a German National and have a deep seated desire to come to a California Superior Court and tell stories and be cute……..Department 2B is the place to be. IF! You are a female and trying to get an even shake, try France or Germany, you wont get it Judge Beaudets court here in sunny California.

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October 4, 2012
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