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John J Nazarian’s Report on Levitt & Quinn 31st Annual Awards dinner! – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

John J Nazarian’s Report on Levitt & Quinn 31st Annual Awards dinner!

Last Friday night, September 21, 2012 I attended the Levitt & Quinn 31st Annual Awards dinner, the award, Humanitarian Service Award was being presented to someone that I have immense respect for. This year’s recipient, The Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis, when you review what Judge Lewis has done in his life as well as his career, this was no surprise. 28 years practicing law, and the certifications, and the president of this and the president of that, and those accolades go on and on. The event was held at the Luxe Hotel on Sunset Blvd.

You know what hit me immediately, was that Judge Lewis is a family man first, I will go a little further and say that he is blessed.. Judge Lewis is blessed to have not one, but both of his parents sitting with him at his table last night. Several members of his family were present and to keep his privacy and that of his family, that is all that I will say. What always amazes me is that when you meet the wives (most often) and sometimes the husbands who support and keep the ship on course you immediately understand why some climb to the levels they do. Judge Lewis presented the audience with a speech that was typical, very entertaining, very focused and the best part, it came from his heart. (If you were there you would have understood….if you were not… too bad.) Further, you missed an incredible evening with an incredible man, Judge Trent Lewis!

Mike Feuer, Assembly member, 42 District presented the award to Judge Lewis, he too had words that came from within and not so much from a pre-written speech. Describing Judge Lewis as a Lawyer’s Lawyer and a Judge’s Judge. Judge Lewis and Judge Gordon I am convinced, if given the chance would and could fix Californias broken court system. Just look at what Judge Gordon & Judge Lewis have done in the last few years to the Los Angeles Superior Court… has to be good, we have received several complaints from DIVORCE lawyers, whining. I could be on to something, Martin & Lewis – Gordon & Lewis, do not think this through too much, just trust Johnfucious on this.

The silent auction was fun too, I ended up with 6 dozen bagels and a very nice coffee maker, thanks to Rick Flam of the Law Offices of Flam & Flam, thanks Rick, great advice! Rick and Carole were present and for me it is always great to hear about there grand child. I also did a bid on a hand made Frigate as in BOAT and won that bid. Judge Christine Byrd chuckled as I was trying to get the boat to my Escalade, she made several comments actually. Judge Byrd has become one of our favs at and showed up looking fabulous…nice to see we have another judge in town with a sense of humor. Talking about humor, The Rock Star of Judges, my good friend Ken Black, Ret. L.A. Superior Court was also present and some had to wonder what the two of us were laughing about, when you are with Ken Black, the humor, Rocks.

Another judge we consider a friend first and also happens to be a judge, Judge Amy Pellman was present looking great and tanned. Judge Pellman now sits in Childrens Court aka Dependency Court, I heard several in passing telling Judge Pellman that they wish she was back in DIVORCE court. (don’t ever try to outrun Pellman, when not making critical decisions from the bench, she is quite and athlete) Judge Marmaro was present and we spoke briefly, it was nice to see him off the bench and being able to relax, DIVORCE court is not a cake walk. And after spending 8 hours in Judge Marmaros court last week, it was great to see him smiling and enjoying himself. (review my comments of The Shower)

After all was said and done it was a great evening of visiting with people that Nazarian and Associates has worked with for years, Joe Mannis, Lisa Helfend Meyer, (was that another new handbag?) Ron Brot, (see above for a great photo of Ron with his gorgeous date doing some shopping) Anne Slusser, Judy Bogen, Bob Cohen (with his wonderful wife), Mark Gross, Felicia Meyers, Dana Lowy, Michael Trope, James Durant, Soo Kim, (complaining that someone stole her olive oil) Angela Harris, Adam Lipsic (his lovely wife was home with the couple’s bundle of joy), and of course Cary Stockman with another one of our favs Law Office of Judith Forman. We may have missed a few of you, no worries you will eventually make it on real soon.

For those of you who we don’t work with, no worries, you won’t be on anytime soon unless you screw up, and THEN, you will memorialized on after all, without you we, there would be no

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
September 28, 2012
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PS: Has Halle Berry found her safe place yet! LMAO… France, no less!

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